My Top 10 List of Survival/ Prepping Gear | Canadian Prepper

My Top 10 List of Survival/ Prepping Gear | Canadian Prepper


  1. Sheeplie says:

    That intro screams Metro2033 to me.?

  2. Ai Ishmael says:

    i like in toronto where can i buy that tactical bow at??

  3. David Waite says:

    You've never gone camping in your life. Thumbs down. Delete his video until you go camping mid winter and figure out the top 3 things you need to survive a single night.?

  4. Walter Kovacs says:

    Did i miss the parts where he showed his favorite cutting tool?
    (The saw doesn't count. How are you going to repair something, clean a fish or skin a deer with a two foot saw??)

    Or his favorite combustion tool?

    The watch was a good idea with the solar power, but i don't like wristwatches, as they can be damaged in a fight too easily.

    No favorite cordage, no favorite shelter, (the pants were a legit great choice, but there's no way to protect your upper body from the weather)?

  5. modustollen says:

    The bow and saw are nice! The bow looks a lot better than the one I made.. What province are you in??

  6. Patriotalliance says:

    Great gear selections! Thanks?

  7. Hi from the Netherlands. Great video thanks. Subscribed.?

  8. Onion Boy says:

    Whats the thing with the gas mask? Would it be useful in survival for example a musty cave or something??

  9. Omar Coston says:

    So 0 fire, water or shelter items… seems more like creature comfort items for the wilderness. Idk how comfortable you can get if you are freezing and thirsty/dysentery.?

  10. jelkel25 says:

    The Monowalker is definitely something to think about. You cannot get away from the fact that fuel supplies are one of the most vulnerable parts of the grid. If things are going to get all ''Mad Max'' it'll be in cities/suburbs to begin with. If you have to get away from this scenario, it needs to be done quickly before people sober up and realise how desperate things are, this is a potential solution.?

  11. I ordered my Katanaboy 650 mm saw today. There is a dead limb in the tree located in my front yard. The Katanaboy looked like just what I needed. Thanks for the tip.?

  12. Paul Cooke says:

    Silky and Bahco make the best tools. I've tried so many different brands at work but nothing has as good a cutting edge. I use the Katanaboy instead of a chainsaw a lot of the time now. Great video. Although my bank manager might not agree.?

  13. Iron Polux says:

    is the first time i have seen your face, i thought you were like a voice, just a voice…. from the future! (may be my sons voice from the future!!!) hehe. thanks for the vid.?

  14. I pack lots of KY jelly personal lubricant. It is helpful for making love to your man's or woman's anus.?

  15. Dreem Walker says:

    1000 bucks for the back wheel of a mountainbike and a canvas bag, are you kidding? Again . .. only in the US can there be stupid people to pay for something like that.?

  16. desenutz2012 says:

    not bad…forget the saw, nobody wants to sit there and saw down a tree when you can use a hand ax. The backpack/bike thing is just laziness. For $1000 I'll put together a couple tree branches with some rope and pull the shit like a real man. $50 for that little fanny pack is crazy. All these prices are crazy tbh. But overall nice video.?

  17. GamePhysics says:

    That dude in the first picture doesn't know one of the most important rules of firearm safety.?

  18. First video I´ve seen on your channel, but you might have the best filming and video editing skills of all Prepper channels on youtube haha subscribed.?

  19. The Ghost war says:

    that's good stuff man good vid?

  20. Maggie Joseph says:

    Loved Number 5 and 4….thanks for the info.?