7 Keys to Choosing the BEST Survival Knife for Camping, Bushcraft, Tactical and Military Situations

7 Keys to Choosing the BEST Survival Knife for Camping, Bushcraft, Tactical and Military Situations


  1. Pegi Smart says:


  2. Michael Grennier says:

    Thanks for making a durable blade at a reasonable price. I own five knives from your company and all of them held up better than my kbar.?

  3. Philip Moore says:

    Very cool, yes please!?

  4. Tom Williams says:

    Very good information.?

  5. Crazyfire05 says:

    thank you. this was very helpful?

  6. daboss6767 says:

    I'm choosing the schf36?

  7. what's the best knife to battle zombie ninjas??

  8. mick sexton says:

    i have the schf9. schf10,scf26, svhf36m, schf37m, the schf26 has gravitated to be my EDC, the 42 and 42d are the next ones on my list … i really like the handle design on the 42 it looks to be very comfortable .. anyway SCHRADE RULZ!!?

  9. Randy Yeager says:

    Love the SCHF37….love that your using 1095, 90 degree spin and love a good choil….?

  10. Derry Bullock says:

    Like that SCHF27!!!?

  11. Tom Staley says:

    Like the others, I like the SCHF13, it is built to do everything I would need, It is my choice.?

  12. chris copeland says:

    I really like the SCHF27 because of it's look and design….?

  13. Bobby Bergen says:

    Love the schf9! It has the perfect shaped blade?

  14. Jason Niersmann says:

    I'd go with the SCHF9, because I like it's blade design the most.?

  15. Robert Enders Jr says:

    I already have the SCHF9 & 36. My choice would be the SCFH27. I don't have a stainless big blade that I could carry on kayak fishing trips without worrying about my blades rusting. That and the kydex/plastic sheath won't hold water like the nylon versions. Great combination for a wet weather go to survival blade. Watched the Survival video review also and it looks like a great option.?

  16. Larry Kroesing says:

    The SCHF27 would be my choice due to blade shape and handle design.?

  17. jeremy hainsey says:

    Schf9 Thanks for the opportunity?

  18. Cindy Vincent says:

    My choice would be SCHF 9 , it's the perfect size for many uses.?

  19. Brett Silvester says:

    Schf13 to complement my schf45?

  20. Kristina Pratt says:

    SCHF 9 is my pick since only 1 is allowed, thanks for the chance. Shared post and video?