Favorite EDC Knife

Favorite EDC Knife


  1. Charles Le says:

    the Explorer Plus is the same thing plus a nice dedicated Phillips and a pen and pin?

  2. johnyawesome 2003 says:

    If you think about it you can barely get a grip out of the tinker's Phillips screwdriver, and you can also use the can and bottle openers which have screwdrivers that work as Phillips and flat heads as well, and the corkscrew can use as a way to untie overtightened laces, strings ropes and more so I personally choose the climber because I myself have a climber and I find it more practical, and the extra weight gives more feeling of purity and sturdiness?

  3. Weird Science says:

    Good review. At 17mm Super Tinker is thinner than the Climber. Like OP I recommend this one too you. My favorite (and McGuyver's) is the 91mm Tinker. For special occasions I take the Babinga Spartan, which has a corkscrew. The Scientist is also great with the inline Phillips and a corkscrew and it knocks Spartan Lite out of the park for EDC. Tinker is the EDC/ practical king at only 14mm thick and has the Phillips. Personally I don't see scissors as essential, blades can do their work. That hook is for carrying a bundle of heavy newspapers or packages so the twine doesn't cut into your hand. Good foe cafe owners or delivery people. It is also used for lifting greasy bicycle chains during repairs, but its called a General Purpose Hooks, so its left to the imagination. I don't see it as essential over keeping my EDC thin. Given what you've said get the Super Tinker, you'll love it. My dream SAK is a Tinker with a corkscrew, in line Phillips, pen, straight pin, tweezers and toothpick and keep it 2-lines.?

  4. George Diama says:

    classic sd?

  5. Lee Groce says:

    The Super Tinker has sissors and the Phillips head screwdriver rather than the corkscrew.?

  6. currently the Hunter?

  7. I would choose a super tinker over the climber?

  8. isidrorosa says:

    but it`s taking too long for it to pass trough the customs
    from Geneve to Portugal?

  9. isidrorosa says:

    i´m waiting for a wanger evo grip 16 victorinox modified black and red ergonomic scales?

  10. isidrorosa says:

    it´s the one on the profile picture?

  11. isidrorosa says:

    and i use those tools a lot?

  12. isidrorosa says:

    i use a measuring tape pocket clip tied to the knife as a actual pocket clip and it works so well
    i don`t feel the weight of the knife?

  13. isidrorosa says:

    i carry a swiss champ on my pocket
    since 1988?

  14. Joey Rodriguez says:

    The can opener tip can be used as a Philips driver and works better than the one on the tinker and super tinker. You were talking about the super tinker which replaces the corkscrew with the Philips driver. I'd rather have the climber cause you can get a little eyeglass screwdriver that screws into the corkscrew.?

  15. MrGnarman says:

    if you wanted the phillips head, you should have gone for the super tinker instead of the climber.?

  16. mark markovic says:

    The Explorer has the philips screwdriver and the corkscrew and scissors ?

  17. I hate to say it but I think you are mistaken as to the identity of your knives. They are not swiss military. That design of shield was used on the 'economy' line during the late 80s early 90s ( I gad one myself back then, a quick google will confirm what I'm saying). The military knives were all alox, up until the most recent one. ?

  18. Dallas Gonzales says:

    Something that you might want to consider is getting a keychain knife like the Swiss Army knife manager to accompany the knife in your pocket. You can add quite a few more tools without adding any bulk. I've been carrying a super tinker along with the manager for about a year now and I love it. Everything that I don't have on my super tinker I have on manager.?

  19. robito hans says:

    look in my channel i have 100 knives victorinox amn wenger in my collection.?

  20. Waflgnog von Rile says:

    Hi, FYI, the Victorinox Super Tinker is what you are/were looking for: it has the same tools/functions as the Climber except for a Philips screwdriver instead of the corkscrew. Further you may want to take a look at the Deluxe Tinker which is equipped with pliers – however, in an additional layer.?