The Best EDC Knife

The Best EDC Knife


  1. Going to try to EDC the 4, since I wanted to replace my bulky folding knife at work (which has a no weapons on campus rule). I like to use a knife instead of scissors or punches or box cutters or any of a dozen tools which would clutter my space and be stuff to keep up with and I wanted the knife to be a little slimmer in the pocket than a multitool I currently carry. I put hands on it and it seems to have a very minimal print when I have it sheathed in pocket so I'll let you know how it works out, thanks for the tips.?

  2. TheTacticalDefender says:

    Yep, that'll work.
    Good video my friend.
    Hope the family are all well.
    Be safe out there.?

  3. A good all around knife?

  4. Would this work with the Izula 2??

  5. mikedifeo says:

    Good set up. I also had a hard time getting smaller fixed EDC blade. After going through a whole bunch of knives and sheaths, I settled for a slightly different option. I wear carpenter jeans, got the ones with 2 extra pockets about keen height on the right side and an extra pocket on the left side. They are narrow deep pockets perfect for a sheath. So in my right side I carry the BK-24, the sheath fits perfect in the pocket, on the pocket below I carry a smaller LED flashlight and on the left side I carry my RTA 1 assisted. That keeps my weapon sitting by itself in the belt on the right side and a Leatherman on the left side. Your set up looks like it works well also. I got used to the carpenter jeans and I really like them. if you ever consider that option make sure you get the jeans with 3 pockets. Craftsman has them and there also others that  have them?

  6. Tactical _ Bushcraft says:

    awesome love the knife thanks for sharing …..?