Survival Knife Fail and Woods Walk

Survival Knife Fail and Woods Walk


  1. Sonny Kovanes says:

    the way you laugh in the video man….. "heaheahea"?

  2. Savage_Beast_SP says:

    Have you heard about bass pro shops buying cabellas for 5.5 billion dollars?? Just came up a few days ago. Sometime in 2017 they will sell out

    And that looks like a coyote den. We have a lot of fox in our area but i dont see allot of coyote?

  3. Gunslinger Survival says:

    The NUMBER ONE rule of ANY survival knife…NEVER and I mean NEVER get ANY survival knife with a hollow handle…no matter how you look at it, they are ALL junk…and they WILL break…100% guaranteed. FULL TANG with a THICK blade and THICK full tang is the ONLY way to go…period. I have avoided hollow handle survival knives like the plaque ever since the very first ones came out when the first Rambo movie was the rage, and they came out with that piece of shit hollow handle knife with the pommel compass that came with all of the "survival gear" in the handle. They are by far the WORST design EVER conceived.?

  4. SunCoaster says:

    i like the fact that u are trying out ur gear I subsribed?

  5. Kevin Freeman says:

    use it to make a spear! Love your videos man!?

  6. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    fun video. i will subscribe. hope you sub back. i make adventure videos in the rain forest on mt hood. a huge snowcovered volcano. i make videos in epic locations. survival. hiking. edible foods. shelters. glaciers. watefalls. real guns. airsoft. etc. bmx. snowboard. tons of videos. guitars. i mean tons of wild stuff. i have that knife and i did a review on it. just talking about it. it got 50 thousand views. alot of people search for the amazon jungle survivor. i buy many cheap survival knives. i love to collect them but i use full tang for batoning. or a hatchet for chopping or a machete. only use them for cutting and collecting as i am a lifelong rambo fan. but i know they dont hold up. i do got the real rambo knife for 100. the leather sheath is like the leather on a horse saddle. thick and tough and legit. it is not like these ones. it is strong. but i love them all. hello from mt hood oregon usa. i will sub to you. please sub back for epic fun videos.?

  7. Gunslinger Survival says:

    I have a channel as well that I am in the process of getting started. First mistake with the survival knife…hollow handle. When I shop around for a good survival knife, there are certain criteria that must be met before I even consider buying one…it has to be full tang construction first and foremost. A lot of knife companies like to claim that their product is full tang, in actuality they are not…they are partial tang, rat tail tang, push tang, everything but full tang. Full tang means that the blade and handle are all one piece from blade tip to pommel, and you can tell by taking the grips off…it will be all one piece of solid steel. If it's not TRUE full tang construction, I don't bother with it. I've just now got a video camera and backdrop set up in my shop (I also work on CB/Two Way Radios and Computers as well) and will be doing a series of videos on my channel about survival gear, communications, weapons and alternative weapons…so tune in, it's going to be fun and educational. Just look for "Gunslinger Survival" on the YouTube Channels. Peace, bro.?

  8. HamBrosOutdoors says:

    nice video man?

  9. James Cooper says:

    This was a nice fun little video. I got a good chuckle when the knife let go. Sorry about that. That would have been a tasty little bluegill if you could have roasted it.?

  10. Wiggy's Wilderness says:

    +Z.R.US for some reason I can only see your comment if I'm signed in, and it still won't let me respond to it directly. If I sign out and look at this video, your comment doesn't even show up! Crazy. Thanks for the kind words, I'll have another video up soon of some good knives! I hoped this one would hold up since it looked like the blade was welded in, but it turns out that was just decorative, lol.?

  11. Mike's Nature Journal says:

    I laughed when it broke….I was waiting for it.Those dens could be from fox. I see a lot of fox dens around here and they are usually enlarged ground hog holes. They do tend to be higher than they are wide because a fox has longer legs. Not too surprised the knife broke. I see stuff like that for sale at flea mkts around here. It appeals to people because it looks cool but is not quality.?

  12. Mathias Johansson says:

    Awesome video! wish the knife was as good as the video mate lol.. I love the scenery around where you make your videos really beautiful nature?

  13. ActiveDuty Trapper says:

    I wonder when an animal just stops and said u know what this looks like a great spot to dig a hole great vid man I was waiting for that knife to break?

  14. great video thanks for it. i am laid up at the moment not able to walk so it was nice to get outside through your video.?