Testing Bug-Out Bag while in Charlotte,NC

Testing Bug-Out Bag while in Charlotte,NC


  1. patr10t762 says:

    Sorry i lost track of you for a while. Welcome to the queen city. Look up the greenway system here we have some nice places to ride when it is warmer. You will have to use a few more gears than you're use too.?

  2. do you have a link for the radio,i like the camo one i have the black one atm?

  3. Glad to see you are doing well up in Carolina Anthony!!! Your little boy Teddy looks like he likes it!!! What about Charlotte she like it!!! How does Barbie like the cold weather!!! Have a merry Christmas Brother God bless!!!?

  4. Please click on the link and sign up : http://eepurl.com/ct-Tz9?

  5. Regina Palmer says:

    Thanks for the vid! Love your little dogs! They make great sentries. Can smell/hear so much more than we can!?

  6. Gino Gambino says:

    1 match Stogie light-up and 1 match esbit tab light…. You're on a roll my brother! ?
    Sweet Setup ??

  7. tenminutetokyo says:


  8. MrChuckwagon55 says:

    So are you in NC full time now? You out of South Florida for good now??

  9. ntravers32 says:

    Anthony, glad to see new videos from your new home. Hope everything is well and you are enjoying the Christmas season with your family. Are you enjoying NC compared to where you were in FL? Any challenges yet??

  10. Seattle206723 says:

    Great Video, and I have a question for you. That radio that was scanning the channels. What was the range? I heard you say your brother could hear your call sign, but how far was he away??

  11. Enjoy your time up there. Merry Christmas?

  12. Adventure Outdoors says:

    Welcome to Charlotte in winter. Shorts one day and a parka the next day. Overall though very mild thank goodness.?

  13. Spaz Goof Goof says:

    I love Teddy and Charlotte! Merry Christmas to you and your family.?

  14. RiftSecurity01 says:

    teddy looks in good shape, I was surprised to see you in trousers/pants! I'm having a few problems with Windows 10 and chirp software being comparable but I'm sure I will work it out.?

  15. brain dead New Yorker says: