Top 15 Bug out Bag items BOB EDC SHTF WROL necessary items

Top 15 Bug out Bag items BOB EDC SHTF WROL necessary items


  1. Great video.?

  2. Darren Ward says:

    In any SHTF scenario of complete social unrest, yes, food, shelter, water AND training. I don't get all these comments about firearms being confiscated. In an anarchy scenario, there will be marauders who will want your food, etc. I think a firearm is essential to protect your self and supplies. This video focuses on extreme SHTF, so I have no problem with the attention to firearms. At the very least, I would definitely want a concealed sidearm on my body + a backup in the bag, probably my HiPower. Something else to consider would be cache locations to bug to for additional supplies / weapons / ammo. One item not mentioned in the video might be a flashlight / headlamp with extra batteries, preferably with red lamp. Maybe even mask or face paint. Escape and evade. Be as inconspicuous as possible. Just babbling now. Nice video on key points though.?

  3. fitter it out says:

    Great video thanks for the info?

  4. Michael “Ironmustang” Finn says:

    Loved the video… thanks! My bug out kit is this and more without the firearms (the country I moved to makes it practiaclly impossible to acquire them!
    Great job, keep up the good work!?

  5. Winter Weisel says:

    An hatchet?
    For wood?

  6. Jdk4jesuschrist says:

    i would add a flash light in the mix.?

  7. Catherine Snow says:

    what kind of coat is that. the one on the cover of this video. it's a front view and has a gas mask. it's the very long picture. starts around 12:20?

  8. MasterK9Trainer says:

    Nicely done. I've been into survival for years as a child of the Cold War era I read the two books 'Life After Doomsday' and 'Nuclear War Survival' and a host of others after those, but for a person new to all this your video was interesting and easy to listen to and follow.?

  9. so you put 15 (+1) .45ACP in your Glock21? Are you sure??

  10. Rudy Ormanovich says:

    Thanx for sharing"?

  11. Mike Chladek says:

    if you prep guns before water or food you will die or are a marauder?

  12. Dave Bolton says:

    Why are all these guys REDNECK? Good videos?

  13. james tuccillo says:

    I'll take the AR and blond kit.?

  14. Bledsoe Texas says:

    #1 – firearms WILL be confiscated . . . so all your big shiny guns and ammo are useless weight. There will be NO "running firefights" for all the "armchair rambos" to orgasm during.

    #2 – See #1 above.

    #3, etc. – Get your priorities straight . . . WATER, SHELTER, FOOD . . . then all the other stuff. No one will give a shit how you look and shaving won't make you "feel" better when the world is collapsing around you.?

  15. Wade Spicklemire says:

    a glock 21 with a 15+1 capacity..?

  16. Kurt Goldston says:

    all the sites on the net gives all these list of things you have to have to survive, you would have to have a freaking U- haul to carry all this shit! the trick LEARN TO DO WITHOUT! a good knife, fire starter, bed roll, water proof sheet, is all you really need. all else is fluff, knowledge is the most important thing you can have, the more you know the less you have to carry.?

  17. angel ayala says:

    Freaken awesome video, but can due with out the background thump noise though. Thx for the videos though and keep them coming please.?

  18. Clever Preppers says:

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  19. Diebulfrog79 says:

    Good video on production value. Survival about minus three. Too much on guns and not enough skills. Gadgets and gear fine, but does not last. Something is lost, malfunction, or is wrong item at the wrong time. Worst, sometime too much value is place on firepower and not the skill of hitting the target.?