Items You DO NOT NEED in your Survival kit

Items You DO NOT NEED in your Survival kit


  1. If you prepare for the worst you're prepared for everything. If you prepare with a BOB for a total long term societal breakdown you'll have items ready for other smaller disasters and situations. If you only prepare with a 72 hr kit, you'll not be prepared for a long term situation.?

  2. So ribbons not paper, got it. LMBO! LOL. This guy contradicts himself by saying no toothpicks, but he uses them on his bobbers because it's easier than making them out of wood. I think this guy is way off the mark on this one and his logic sounds completely dumb. Let me ask you. Who cares what someone else decides to put in their survival pack? Especially if it's something like a toothpick, a tiny can opener, tweezers or a pencil and paper. Really? These weigh hardly anything, so why does it matter if someone wants to put it in their bag for the heck of it? Even with the essentials and even with some luxuries you can still have that haversack or bag at a reasonable weight. And yes there is a big difference between a survival bag and a BOB. I can live at a bare minimum, but I'm not going to. If I don't have to I'm not going to. I'm going to stuff that bag with as much as I can as long as my pack is at a reasonable weight. But as far as unnecessary items I do agree, just not with the minuscule items you listed. Something like a shovel, screw that. A radio, screw that. Heavy metal traps or snares no. A big axe, I'd rather take a Laplander and a medium size knife like a cold steel Srk to batton wood. You're not going to die in a survival situation? I can believe you said that. You don't know when you'll die and tons of people have died in a survival situation. God can take you at anytime.?

  3. Maury Cotton says:

    I just came upon this video. I understand what you are getting at…assessing what you really need in light of the skills you possess. Your opinion is important friend…taking multiple opinions and putting them in the mix helps me to refine my thinking on issues…in the end I come up with whats good for me.

    Thanks man!!!?

  4. Dirt biking Payne 250 says:

    Guys he's just trying to have his own apennion?

  5. Devery Mcneely says:

    what if you're not in the woods why do you assume that any survival situation that a person might find themselves and would be in the middle of a forest?

  6. Sinjinbin64 Sinjinbin64 says:

    Sounds to me your fairly close to civilization – I heard a very familiar siren sound – likely a Cop car so you really dont need any of that stuff.?

  7. Dick Fageroni says:

    I think you should reconsider.?

  8. BornToRunBarefoot says:

    PlayStation 4 Console, The Complete Collected Works of William Shakespeare Parallel Edition in Four Languages, 1983 Manhattan phone book, Donald Trump Halloween mask, your pet turtle that died last week, your collection of 8-tack tapes, Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, half-filled urine specimen cup, Altair 8800 computer, hair ribbon you stole from a girl in the 3rd grade, and any Bear Grylls product.?

  9. Sparrow Flying says:

    If there was one thing i would throw out of a bag it would be glow sticks. why would you have those if you had a flashlight? As far as water purification tablets there might be a situation where you can't boil water ?? about the can opener, a p38 doesn't weigh anything and what if you did need it? You might not need them but then again you might.?

  10. Kevin Kelly says:

    I have to say it, from someone who hunts WVa,NJ,Pa, has a father that if I wanted to go hunting, you had to basically be his pack mule to be shown that what it entails. You're totally on point and makes sense! I'm 44yo and my Dad tells my nephews, if they want to hunt, camp, etc, make you load out kits like your uncle's. I have several bags for different needs and the extent of those needs. Great video, thanks.?

  11. I did NOT dislike your video, but I don't agree with it either. Allow me to explain. Most of the items you mentioned have almost no weight at all, so the question becomes more "why NOT have it?" than "why have it?". Other reasons you outline stem from assumptions you make. "I'll never have to use water purification tablets" for example, stems from the assumption that you'll have the ability to get a fire going….ever heard of Murphy's Law? Don't think I have to go too far into that one. And finally, you keep coming back to "In the woods"….what if you're not in the woods? What if canned foods are about the BEST bet you have of attaining nutrients? We don't pick where our planes crash, our cars break down, or where we find ourselves in any austere situation. I think you might need to do some pondering about what you may need to do if you're NOT in the woods. When it happens, it doesn't care if you're prepared for it. So be prepared for as much as possible, wherever you may find yourself.?

  12. Sinjinbin64 Sinjinbin64 says:

    You dont need a refrigerator, commode or bathroom sink in it.?

  13. David Chapman says:

    I think viewers need to note that he is talking about survival kits, not
    bug out bags. People tend to blur the lines on that. Bug out bags are
    different than survival kits. Your survival kit is what you keep in your
    pocket, in your glove compartment or under the seat of your vehicle. It
    small and so you need to think about just what you need for a survival
    situation. I think this is one of the most misunderstood videos on the
    subject and that's a shame because what he is saying is spot on.?

  14. Jesse Bayley says:

    where you said the line between "bug out and survival."
    you got it
    I think that's where most of these people are getting there panties in a knot
    me, I like going out with my mate or 2 and putting ourselves in situations where we aren't hurt. we aren't surviving waiting for rescue. we go out for a few weeks at a time with what we can take on our backs. and we learn. we build shelter. and try to thrive in a different areas each time.?

  15. Sputnik Bro says:

    water purification is not for long term. you sound like your in for the long run.?

  16. John Swift says:

    You don't need a smile either??

  17. Mad Hatter says:

    Yea because you will always be able to boil and you're always going to need something that lasts forever what a joke. I mean its not like you could end up without a means to boil your water but still have that water collection bag and water pure tabs in your micro kit. Yea that could never ever happen. Most survival situations are over in 7 days or less. But yea its not possible to lose your method to boil water and still want a back up to something vital. Please shut down your channel because you clearly know nothing and are going to get people killed?

  18. betatalk357 says:

    Hand warmers- needed or not?  Seems more like a comfort item.  But what if it is too cold and/or wood is wet to start a fire?  Would putting active hand warmers under your clothes keep you from going hypothermic??

  19. MrGabrielJude says:

    What you're saying is legit. I totally see the survival items vs convenience items get crisscrossed a lot. I think what you're saying in a nutshell is, your kit should be an extension of your actual survival skills. If you can't survive without water purifier tabs which will eventually run out ESP if you're drinking as often as you should, then you shouldn't put yourself in that situation therefore why bring any water tabs.. Example Tom Hanks in Castaway… survival situation, no water tablets…?

  20. Sam Stewart says:

    My EDC (my survival kit is part of my EDC) goes everywhere with me. The most used items (on a daily basis) are the pen and paper, the first aid kit, flashlight, stainless steel water bottle, can opener (P51), rain suit, and most importantly, a multi-tool. I use these items almost everyday (I work in maintenance so everyone comes to me when there is a problem, so even if I do not need these items, someone around me does.)

    My survival kit contains the 5 Cs (per Dave C.), a tarp (cover), fire kit (fire steel, striker, tinder for combustion), paracord (cordage), a small survival knife (for skinning game, manufacturing trap parts, spitting sticks to get to dry wood, etc., cutting), and a 0.6 liter stainless steel cup (container).

    I keep some of my EDC in the same back pack as my survival kit (water bottle, rain suit, first aid kit). I can not imagine a scenario where I would toss my EDC to save weight. However, I can imagine a situation (for example, being chased by people who wants my equipment) where I would drop my pack and rely on the EDC in my pockets to get me through. My EDC on my person includes things I carry for last ditch survival including a paracord bracelet (with built in fire stater and tinder) and a key chain knife (Spyderco lady bug).

    Technically, you do not need any of those items (see reality shows like Naked and Afraid, Naked Castaway, The Great Human Race, and Dual Survival) where people survive with almost no equipment. The box that contained my Cold Steel Bushman survival knife lists the items carried by the bushman in Namibia and it does NOT include any kind of container, cordage, or cover, yet they thrive naked and barefoot in one of the harshest climates on the planet.

    The point I am working towards is that gear can make things easier, but the only survival items needed are resourcefulness and knowledge. You do not NEED anything (In my opinion.)?