Maxpedition M1, E2E Small Survival Kit – Wilderness Survival

Maxpedition M1, E2E  Small Survival Kit - Wilderness Survival


  1. Equip 2 Endure LLC says:

    Thanks for watching

  2. nathanlief says:

    Great review thanks for all the details, many do not show everything like you do. ?

  3. prodigysphilosophy says:

    I have been doing a lot of research on survival kits and i have notice on most of them you need more rope both small and large?

  4. carl whiteley says:

    where can i find those knee pads thanks adam

  5. carl whiteley says:

    that pouch is like half on amazon?

  6. MrGnarkill1000 says:

    excuse me for saying but u dont have a clue what ur talking about?

  7. Well done, vid. thanks ;-)) ?

  8. Equip 2 Endure LLC says:

    Appreciate the complement! Stay tuned – more to come.

  9. EasternTriad says:

    Good opening to the video.

  10. Adam Larsen says:

    nice. I have a Condor brand pouch that is laid out the exact same way. I have been trying to lay it out as a mini survival kit but keep running into the same issue of not enough room. I think the way to treat a belt pack like this with limited size is to pack essential tools and not worry about food. A kit like this works great as an EDC, and would greatly increase reaction time when needed, but there is no way food could be carried. Kudos.?

  11. Every Day Survival says:

    Great video as always. Hopefully we will all get to be "experts" like mr predatoruhunter 1978?

  12. Equip 2 Endure LLC says:

    @mohmog33 , 5.11 3in1.?

  13. what kind of coat are you wearing??

  14. Equip 2 Endure LLC says:

    @predatorhunter1978 , Furthermore, they offer multiple benefits in regards to keeping clothes dry if you are consistently in a kneeling position. Wet clothing will strip heat from your body roughly 20 times faster. Not to mention your femoral artery is one of the area you do not want to expose to colder conditions. And, lastly despite the advantages outlined above they make and excellent pillow when you are sleeping on the ground. For the extra 6oz of weight, I think I'll keep them on my rig.?

  15. Equip 2 Endure LLC says:

    @predatorhunter1978 , well most of my professional experience training is with Law Enforcement and Military personal, the use of knee pads is very common place for me. After being in a kneeling position working for hours at a time (in reference to certification on multiple weapon systems), any individual find them to be a life saver. The fact that I have worked a hole in a set of uniforms on the range and in the field fairly quickly; it just makes sense to ad them to my kit.?

  16. Equip 2 Endure LLC says:

    @evankoeve cool, hope you like them!
    – Adam?

  17. evankoeve says:

    Great video nice survival kit. i'm finally getting around to watching your older vids.?

  18. Nice Kit!!?

  19. Kirby Francis says:

    Is that bag big for belt carry??

  20. Great vid. Love the channel concept.?