Dehydrated Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Dehydrated Sweet Potato Dog Treats


  1. MyBoobear27 says:

    Thanks for the video! 🙂 I'm gonna go check out my local thrift store to see if there are any dehydrators I hope I find one.

  2. zamgoods says:

    Your dogs are sooo caaayuuuuute.

  3. L Stumpf says:

    What size food processor blade do you use?

  4. Debbie Akyurek says:

    My American Harvest has a temperature range from about 95 to 145 degrees. What a great idea for healthy schnauzer treats. Your minis are adorable!

  5. Debbie Akyurek says:

    What temperature do you set your dehydrator at for the chips?

  6. Linda Peaches says:

    What food processor do you use?? That dehydrator is a Nesco/American harvest and it's well over $130. Awesome find! I want the Excalibur, but just a bit too pricey. My bichon frise dogs love sweet potatoes!

  7. Lorraine Jemal says:


  8. Stephen Maurer says:

    I would make venison jerky (w/o marinade) and give a few to my schnauzer Charming Ben. Same process… just with deer meat.

  9. miranda miller says:

    Thank you for the video. Do you know how long to leave them in for when you want them more on the chewy side?? 🙂

  10. Eileen LeValley says:

    So cute……. ?

  11. Heidi Weber says:

    This is great! So easy and much cheaper than the bags in the gourmet pet shops!

  12. courtney nealy says:

    going to try this but without a food processor. I hope its not too hard to cut!

  13. Angela Wade says:

    Great thanks….Sweet potatoes are packed with good vitamins. Good for the dogs!

  14. Cristina Peters says:

    How long do they stay fresh for?! This is awesome!

  15. Keith Davis says:

    Do you think the higher the temp and shorter the time is better for sweet potatoes in dehydrator? Thinner the better, faster?

  16. Just made these for my pitbull mix! She loves them! Thanks!

  17. Patricia Hamel says:

    11 months late to the conversation, but I also make dried sweet potatoes for my schnauzer, and her vet says that they are so much better for her than typical boxed or bagged treats. They have not caused her any skin issues (actually, her skin is getting better since we started feeding her more wholesome treats). Question for you, though, Schnauzer Mom, have you had any issues with the sweet potatoes turning moldy after a few days? Mine always do, and I am wondering if it's just the humidity where we live (Florida), or if I might be missing a step in preparation that would prevent it.

  18. RVFreeDa says:


  19. sweet potatoes are GREAT for dogs!  I just made them up Schnauzer Mom!  Can't wait to give to Mother in Law for Poodle!  my dog has no teeth..i crushed them up and she just loved them!!  thanks!

  20. Schnauzer Mom says:

    I have never heard that they are bad for fogs skin. My dogs do not have a problem with them but every dog is different with anything you feed them. All treats should be given in moderation.