Dehydrating Hash Browns

Dehydrating Hash Browns


  1. samantha nicholson says:

    show hown you use them, it'll be helpful thanks

  2. Shirley Vinson says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. My family loves the dehydrated hash browns. I have been wanting to process my own, but didn't know the full process. I will be putting some up with pepper and dehydrated onion. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  3. Aren't eggs suppose to be refrigerated?

  4. Teanda Smith says:

    how would I do this with raw potatoes

  5. Most frozen potatoes for fries or hash browns have been sprayed with an oil to prevent them from sticking together. This limits the amount of storage time. For that reason, I never use prepackaged frozen potatoes for dehydrating since most of my storage is long term storage. The only way to tell is from the label, if the nutrition label indicates any percentage of fat whatever, then it has been added because potatoes contain no oil of their own. Ore Ida hash browns contain no oil so that's a safe one to use.

  6. Mary Jane Mitchell says:

    All your dehydrating has caused me to go out and purchase a dehydrator 🙂

  7. Theresia Smolevitz says:

    Great idea!! Thank you.

  8. Nancy Rosas says:

    Can you please make a recipe with the dehydrated hash browns, thanks.

  9. Holly22416 says:

    Hi Linda, Thank you for another great video. After dehydrating the hash browns, could you oven can them or put an oxygen absorber in with them?

  10. CutestHeidi says:

    Hey this is such a good idea. Our Sam's Club has these bags for $5 and some change! I'm gonna go for it and get a couple to do 🙂 thanks!

  11. jonique thomas says:

    Linda I saw your show on garlic in oil– this is very dangerous, please check with USDA. The only safe way isti start garlic in cold oil and bring up to lightly brow garlic. which cooks the garlic.

  12. Victoria G says:

    could show video of the food,saver?or do u have one and I've missed it.

  13. amanda casey says:

    can you grade and then dehydrate sweet potatoes or even regular white potatoes? we have food allergies and we cannot eat any bags of hashbrowns most people buy at the store. and its such a hassle to make them most mornings…. anyway just wondering if you have ever had any luck? id love to spend a weekend or to stocking up and then be set for a while.

  14. Vicky Wood an horses says:

    Hi Linda, you have inspired me to do so much and I want to thank you for that. But now I have a question that scares me when I think about it. It is when I think of when SHTF are we going to be safe in our homes? Or are we going to have to leave our homes for unknown reasons. And people like you that have videos that talk about there food storage pantries are you going to be safe? I've heard so many people giving out there address its scary. Yes we may have weapons but do we really want people looking for us because we have a food storage? And if we have to leave our homes how will we carry so much that we need? Wow didn't mean to carry on so long. But does anyone think of this stuff like me? Remember the movie THE ROAD?

  15. Vincent Miceli says:

    Thank you for your video; it is informative and interesting. May I ask, how would you rehydrate the potatoes? What is the ratio of potatoes to water?

  16. Marie Bowling says:

    Thank you.

  17. Darling Stuff says:

    Can someone help me please. If I use bags of frozen corn, cauliflower, broccoli etc do I cook them before dehydrating so I can use them straight with boiling water ro save cooking time when I use them in meals? Thank you

  18. Basic Poke says:

    Are the frozen potatoes treated with a preservative? After dehydrating fresh potatoes they turn brown, but yours are a great color. Thanks for inspiring me, have not seen this done. I also had trouble growing them.

  19. TheCharliebeardog says:

    I like this idea! I have the same dehydrator. are you using the finer mesh inserts in every tray to keep them from falling through the slots?

  20. diannetabor says:

    Started dehydrating shredded potatoes last year and it worked out great!  I bought several bags of frozen and I have enough to last my family several years now.  I save the dehydrated potatoes in canning jars and have them in my pantry along with all my other dehydrated veggies and canned goods.  Great go to's for quick meals.  Keep up the great work, Linda!  It also saves me space in my freezer which is a premium area for meats, etc.  I definitely need to pick up some of the 1/2 gallon jars though for better storage.