Drying Food – The Basics

Drying Food - The Basics


  1. Saudi Jack says:

    3:20 ? hahaha

  2. lisa madore says:

    I only have a simple dehydrated so how long for frozen veggies.

  3. April Lord-Brown says:

    my oven comes with a dehydrator setting. i was hoping to check it out and try something. i'm trying to figure out what to try it with. would bananas be a good choice for a first attempt?

  4. Nathan Rivera-Melo says:

    Damn dude! There's a whole world of food dehydrating out there! I'm falling into the rabbit hole…

  5. Jack Dawson says:

    nice video

  6. How can we learn to make them?

  7. gentleocean says:

    Thank you! ?

  8. wwhhwwhh says:

    thank you

  9. Boring

  10. Mafdet Ferrol says:

    thanks for the info, I bought my dehydrator 17 years ago and now I have decided to use it.

  11. Cherokee Rose says:

    140 degrees still destroys vitamins you need to use 115 degrees and under.

  12. Marc Mallary says:

    Please be polite!

  13. Marc Mallary says:

    Thanks for the details about 140 deg,,case hardening and MO humidity. I have been sun drying here in California using low cut cardboard boxes lined with foil for reflection placing the food on kitchen racks. I have an acrylic cover on top for the green house effect. There are vents cut in the sides that have window screen duct taped on too keep out flies.
    I think the food tastes better then my electric dehydrator which I still keep for backup.

  14. Leftycraig48 says:

    Yes but marinating first is a must. Many recipes online. Google "dehydrating meat". Less fatty cuts make better jerky, fatty cuts don't dry very well.

  15. Dario Andreella says:

    Very informative anyways, thanks! šŸ™‚

  16. Dario Andreella says:

    Hahhahha! At 2:13 you can hear "3… 2… …."

  17. biron555 says:

    nice tips, thank you!

  18. TheMrbumpas says:

    I wash all fruit in water with iodine,4-5drops per quart of water,drain and sprinkle with fruit fresh[ascorbic acid,or vitamin C powder]most everything retains nice color,and the iodine has killed any bacteria, mold,or viruses that may have come home from the grocery store.Should have mentioned,wash befor slicing,fruit fresh powder after slicing