Fire Starters For Camping And survival: Two New, Useful Products

Survival, at the 2017 Shot Show, was very, very big. Why you’d want to survive was never spelled out, but there was no dearth of stuff designed to get you through the Wrath to Come.

The problem is that very often, the Wrath to Go does not take the form of a nuclear exchange with North Korea, or currency collapse, or meteor ten-strike, or any of the really dramatic stuff. Sometimes it takes the most mundane forms.

In Newfield, Maine, on February 3, a 34 -year-old named John Sciaba, described as an experienced outdoorsman, was seen in the woods behind his home where he liked to camp overnight. He was not seen again. Shortly after the search for him began, a series of six heavy snowstorms set in, making it impossible for tracking puppies to track or for drones to go up in the air. When the snow finally stops, any tracings of him will have been obliterated. It does not look good.

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This brings us to flame. Very often, if you can start a fire, it will save you. Not merely will you not freeze to death, but a flame can be seen for miles at night, and a intentionally smoky flame can get up through the tree canopy that a drone can’t see through.

Making a flame is much more difficult than you imagine, unless you’ve tried doing it. Watching “The Revenant, ” I get a kick out Leo DiCaprio body-surfing 5 miles down a freezing Class 3 rapids, cleaning up on shore, dedicating a very small tinder ball a few whacks with the old flint and steel, and instantly creating a roaring blaze by which he can meditate on his chances for an Oscar. Granted, in real life, trappers and Native Americans were very good at starting fires *, but even so…

A more typical example is available at a club I belong to, which tests the skills of its members in a series of wilderness-skills events, one of which is called the Water Boil. You’re given a chunk of pine log, a pot with a quart of water, a tomahawk that is intentionally kept dull **, three strike-anywhere matches, a small stone on which to strike the matches, and 11 minutes *** in which to build a flame and bring the water to a rolling boil. You’re usually surrounded by club members who offer their opinions on your manual dexterity, chances of succeed, technique, and manhood in general.

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