AR-15 rifles to protect crops from hogs

AR-15 rifles to protect crops from hogs


  1. eric schnuphase says:

    OMG. he actually called a magazine a mag and not a clip like I see them do all the time.

  2. mark birchall says:

    All these big name liberals who are against guns and borders , use armed gun toting guards to protect their families, while living behind giant gates to keep out the undesirables. They find those large capacity weapons and gates necessary for their own protection.
    They just are against the lower classes like us having the right to protect our families'. They should be ashamed of themselves working against our natural right to protect our lives.
    I can't wait until they succeed, then there will be a food shortage for their family, because they allowed the wild hogs to eat up all the food that they forgot they needed too.

  3. v1antbo says:

    FU CNN

  4. James Jefferson says:

    CNN forever on the wrong side of America.

  5. jackie perry says:

    libtards i swear

  6. Garrett - says:

    They hate people for owning ARs yet they threatened a 15 year olds life for exercising his 1st amendment rights.

  7. Garrett - says:

    I deer hunt with my AR-15…

  8. metalfox1911a1 says:

    30 round magazines are standard capacity magazines when you start to get into the 50 and 100 round donkey nut or Thompson style drums those are high capacity up here in New York my 22 you can only find 10 round magazines for at the range shooting for an hour I reloaded that one 10-round magazine that came with that rifle over 30 times just shooting at paper my fingers we're bleeding by the time I left that range and yet the left still keeps trying to push us to fewer and fewer rounds even when they never picked up a rifle in their life

  9. Jesse Robles says:

    here goes FAKE NEWS on gun control then talking about farmers and the struggle of making a living and supplying American families? with food. You guys are a joke. The American people see how horrid you guys are, just remember that.

  10. Mom always told me .223 is not the round you want for hogs, because they have a very thick skull. What you want is .308.

  11. Too many damn hogs. I say give the guy an M60

  12. Edwin Yee says:

    anti gun ppl especially in California tend to forget there's still ppl like this dependent on guns in general living in rural America, most of all its how they earn a living

  13. Liberty and justice for all dorsch says:

    this guy should buy a couple of mini guns fuck the assault rifle you need Gatling guns like The Terminator

  14. Bill Kerr says:

    Is THAT the purpose of this story? WHO needs an AR-15? Idiots.

  15. karim lavji says:

    i like that he mad it in a way where the farmers dont pay

  16. Big Sasquatch says:

    These liberals just don't get it…or rather refuse to understand…the right to have an AR15 or any gun is not about hunting. Hunting is a benefit of the right. The intention of the law is that the average citizen has the right to have a similar weapon to the average military person so that they can defend themselves against the government.

  17. Jason Bryant says:

    30 round is standard capacity not high capacity. they commie mother fuckers

  18. I'm with this guy…the AR15 is one badass weapon. It's unfortunate that the rifle has a rough rep due to its misuse, but in the hands of the responsible marksman, it's as solid as they come.

  19. Fuck cnn