CCW + Safety = FAIL

CCW + Safety = FAIL


  1. beastwork says:

    Seems to me that with a thumb safety you'd better make sure that it's disengaged every time before you confront an attacker. What if you've accidentally engaged the safety, but because you've eliminated the motor memory to disengage the safety the weapon is not ready to fire? It would seem that you've introduced a new problem that could kill you. You need to ensure that the safety is off every time you are prepared to fire the weapon.

    For self defense purposes, if you
    a) don't want to fuss with a safety and
    b) don't want to commit to the necessary training for a weapon with a safety lock

    then you should carry something like a glock. That's exactly why those gun designs exist.

  2. TheTeevo8 says:

    None of my pistols have a safety.

  3. Mark Michaels says:

    I love manual safety's. Helps keep gun down in my competition shooting and i dont want glock leg

  4. Bill Wray says:

    With a true double action trigger such as is on the PX4, I agree with your assessment of the need for a safety. But there are striker fired pistols being sold claiming to be double action which have a very short and light trigger pull and no manual safety. Accident waiting to happen IMHO.

  5. Michael Trotter says:

    I have an out of state CCW. I'm in CA. hoping for national reciprocity. because of safety's on guns I'm towed up on what to carry. XD 40 subcompact, 38 special, m&p that I can remove the safety, and one that I like shooting because of low recoil, feg p9r browning clone. yes I'm going to classes. your opinions? I take no offense. and we know how opinions are. but I'm definitely open to any suggestions.

  6. duradim1 says:

    I think I'll keep my safety. I have seen way more videos of officers and others shooting themselves accidently while handling their Glocks and other safety free guns than those who forgot to take their safeties off during a stressful moment.

  7. Saved Life says:

    The less time it takes for me to be ready to fire when needed, the safer I am. If I don't feel safe against myself than I shouldn't be carrying in the first place.

  8. Dirt Farmer says:

    People who think they might forget to flick the safety off when they draw their weapon are the same ones who forget to wipe their ass after they take a dump so for them it does kind of make sense.

  9. Thomas Cruz says:

    so your training to not pull the trigger when you pull your weapon in a defense situation cannot be counted on either. you end up shooting your leg. your saying also that muscle memory is a myth. the very first time i disagreed with anything you say. military m16 I believe has a safety. i do believe that some people should not carry a 1911. it requires a skill level that is over some peoples ability. a person the shoots a 1911 well is not to be trivialized

  10. SpencerOneShot says:

    If you can train will an ak and ar15 with a safety, you can do it with your pistol

  11. Blake Rees says:

    That's like saying you might forget to pull the trigger.

  12. VidLooper101 says:

    Absolutely true that safeties will fail you, that is if you don't practice! Muscle memory is everything. Professionals know that they must practice over and over and over again until you don't have to put in conscious effort. In defense of manual safeties, Massad Ayoob and Dean Caputo have pointed out several instances in which thugs attacked good guys packing 1911s or some other pistol with a manual safety, grabbed their pistols and tried to shoot them with their own weapons, but they couldn't. And it was all because they couldn't find the manual safety. That gave the good guys the opportunity to grab a backup weapon, use empty handed skills on them, etc. Now obviously you should do pistol retention practice and so on to prevent your weapon from falling into unauthorized hands, but it can still happen to anyone.

    And what if you carry a DA/SA pistol with the hammer down and manual safety off and the safety suddenly gets bumped on without you noticing, unless it's a decocker only DA pistol?

  13. Bruno TaTa says:

    Maybe when you can manage your weight and cholesterol I'll take your advice in life and death matters.

  14. Richard Guiang says:

    If you carry a 1911 it is automatic to us to click down the thumb safety the moment you present the gun. It's what you call muscle memory. You are obviously a glock guy and paid by clock to influence people that glock is better than 1911.

  15. Fall_In_Intrigue says:

    Totally agree,the gun is never safe,you are the safety.

  16. Justin Todd says:

    I has the mentality of "grip safety AND trigger safety on the XDm & XDs is the SAFEST way to go!" I grew up, and now I carry a Sig 320 Compact with NO safety! I was just being a safety Sally before, but I have grown up since then šŸ˜€

  17. infidel dan says:

    the walther pk380, you can cycle the trigger/hammer with teh safety on, so you can be there pulling and pulling the trigger then realize the safety is till on lol.

  18. TDale Martin says:

    great point you made about complacency — had not thought about the elevated awareness when carrying a decocker only 9mm. True dat — when I carried my 96FS — having that safety on kinda made me relax. Older now — 9mm is what I can handle — and now, with a cz75 pcr, I always treat this gun as a ready to fire gun.

  19. brad polhemus says:

    He is right on safeties. His observation is 100% on target.

  20. Gunner Girl says:

    I totally agree if I'm defending my life I want to pull and Shoot