CS:GO – P2000 | Handgun Gameplay

CS:GO - P2000 | Handgun Gameplay


  1. Dziugas Karmonas says:

    DUDE NICE AIMING ! Btw respect for not killing those afk players. Dude, you made my day

  2. MerQury says:

    1.29 emre as bayraklar? as?n

  3. Mr Oktober Aid says:

    rip old sound

  4. Pasi Sallinen says:

    not much dislikes wich is nice!

  5. Mert Düzgündiki? says:

    nice aim bro

  6. Melih Çal?c? says:

    back when P2000 sounded like something real

  7. 1:40 dat edit doe

  8. The R[I]H[A]Z says:

    dude you aim at head?


  10. ANGRI MAPACHE XD says:

    I have in tht blue place an smiley face… idk how or why lol

  11. Do you strafeshoot or run and gun?

  12. u can take me ur crosshair console code?

  13. 0.14-0.15 What to Fack ?!?! ??? ?? ????? !?!?!?

  14. oliver selahn says:

    aim bot

  15. LeowonderfulGames says:

    P2K- The M4A1 of the pistol rounds and beyond..

  16. SirNovek says:

    Hey Rech, I have been Watching u For a very long time now since 100k anyways I want to know if u can help me with any tips of placement of my Crosshair and how i can do it and ANY  other tips For Cs:go Also Can u upload a vid Of u playing Comp?


  17. CodeMinecrafting says:

    Got to say that transition at 0:15 was pretty smooth .

  18. braveheart says:

    wtf 0:14 look health

  19. Manu Fuckk says:

    dat crosshair placement <3

  20. AOG Community says:

    what server is this? where your health regens