Eagle Imports, Grand Power X-Calibur 9mm Handgun Review

Eagle Imports, Grand Power X-Calibur 9mm Handgun Review


  1. grr ummmpee says:

    i don't know how you say for $800 there's competition for this gun. nothing else on the market comes even close for $1000.

  2. grr ummmpee says:

    i'm curious about the trigger. i don't have the option of fondling one before buying so i have questions. i'm very picky about triggers. i was on the USMC pistol team for a while specializing in bullseye competition. so, the question is, how is the overtravel on the trigger and how much roll does the trigger have. roll is the opposite of crispness and is desirable for accuracy with pistols. if dry firing one handed, do the sights move when you press the trigger as they do with nearly any handgun that isn't a good 1911?

  3. Winston M says:

    they flute the barrel to reduce the rotating mass. I have one X-Calibur with a fluted barrel, and another with a non-fluted bull barrel. The fluted barrel one works fine on 147gr ammo loaded to 132PF. For the bull barrelled one, I have to increase my PF to 137 to get reliable extraction. I ended up swapping in a fluted barrel so both are the same now.

    For the recoil springs, I measured them and the nominal spring rates I found are:
    Stock (installed) Spring @ 10.5 lbs – use for 147gr ammo
    Spare Wire Spring @ 12.1 lbs – use for 124gr ammo
    Spare Red Spring @ 13.5 lbs – use for 115gr ammo,

    You want the ejected brass to fly ~5 feet away. If it's just dribbling out, go down a spring size. If it's flying >10 feet away, go up a spring size as you would be battering your slide against the frame.

  4. two things I've found with my X Calibur
    1. NATO spec ammo will not extract at all. you have to beat the slide open with a rubber mallet to clear the jam.
    2. with my omnivore trl-1 holster I could not get the X Calibur to seat in the holster at all. I couldn't get a couple of grand powers other pistols (P1 ultra, and k100) to work either.

  5. Graham Baates says:

    One of my favorite guns! I'm glad the fanbase is growing!

  6. Hey John, do you have a Patreon. I know some Channels have been demonetized and I want to keep this one alive šŸ™‚

  7. Regarding your statements about the fluting of the barrel around 12:20, my understanding is that the fluting is what allows it to run some heavier bullets. I've also found it to be pickier with heavy bullets, but seems to work fine as long as they have a faster powder like Titegroup behind them. You can order a non-fluted heavy barrel from Eagle Import's website though, but it specifically states that bullets should be 125gr or lighter and at least 132 PF. I think it only comes with the fluted barrel in the US, but elsewhere, you can buy it in either configuration.

    Henning Group makes base plates that work on the mags, which gets me 21 max capacity, but only 20 reloadable. ProMag Baby Eagle magazines will work with it as a cheaper alternative, but take some filing to make the circle on the top front into a square.

  8. Aaron Ballard says:

    I want to get into PRS match shooting. I have Remington 700P chambered in 308. My question is what is the lowest grain of bullet I need to go and still be able to hit out to 1000 yards? I'm debating between 168 and 175 grain bullets.

  9. Gangster88232 says:

    this gun requires greasing. not good for duty or concealed carry.

  10. Robert Teller says:

    My comment was aimed at those who want to carry the pistol with the hammer down on a round in the chamber.
    Seems to me to either make it single action only or SA/DA with a decocker. Of course, some pundits will say that Sig, Beretta,S&W, Ruger did it wrong. But the market will decide by a thing called profits.

  11. Rumblestrip.NET says:

    I run the X-Cal in USPSA, and I run 147 grain Freedom Munitions without issue. With the single action pull, I have very average size hands and I don't have any issues with the reach to the trigger. With the double action pull it's best to just pull and not try to stage the trigger.

    I have found the X-Cal to have significantly less recall than my 5.25 XDM, in fact, it has about the same recoil as my Single Stack gun in 45. As for mag extensions, David Copping from Eagle Imports says the Henning ones for, I believe the Tangfo will work.

    In Europe 15 rounds are standard for IPSC competition and for USPSA Production it's 10 rounds. Red Hill Tactical makes some great holsters for the Grand Powers.

  12. Opening shots are beautiful! Love that video quality. Looks as clear as if the gun was right in front of my face.

  13. TheJfdksl says:

    Good review. Thanks!

  14. Mrgunsngear Channel says:

    I was really impressed with my basic grand power; great review

  15. Problem is this gun makes me long for HK mag availability and prices lol

  16. Using the new camera?

  17. Robert Teller says:

    No decocker – dropping a hammer on a live round – can you say AD.