One Minute Gun Review: The Kriss Vector

One Minute Gun Review: The Kriss Vector


  1. Jake Mathis says:

    That was awesome! Would definitely like to see more.

  2. Berry Goosey says:

    How would this gun feel to a left-handed shooter like myself? I've heard that it's rather awkward to handle. šŸ™

  3. Topfer Strength Weightlifting Community says:

    do more of these one min vids please

  4. Nomad Chad says:

    PUBG, Still good even after the Nerf.

  5. I like this, do more of this. Just turn of the douchey butt rock in the background and play sounds from the actual video.

  6. Papakap22 says:

    0:05 haha Eric sounds like one of those "price is right" showcase girls.. when he says the intro

  7. SUX, just buy a g17 with a roni kit

  8. Dodge Mustang says:

    Love the video,,Hate that Fugly Gun!!

  9. Fleetleader101 says:

    we need like 200 of these, right now… so yeah hustle up and get er done.

  10. FreedomBound says:

    Wow – nice job switching it up. Very concise and useful.

  11. Still really enjoying this concept!

  12. Peat Bear says:

    Please do this for every gun this is amazing!!!!

  13. RECOIL816 says:

    LOL dude… that intro! hahaha

  14. Justin Walker says:

    I love this format!!

  15. pudggy326 says:

    no one min was perfect.

  16. aaron vautour says:

    that was really good dude loving it keep them coming

  17. gmhodges99 says:

    Absolutely love the intro!

  18. TheStevenFagan says:

    great video fellas! love the format and that you get all of the dirty details really quick. This is the type/format of video that I can send to people whenever they ask me – "what type of gun should I get?"

  19. Jared Green says:

    Did I just watch an infomercial? Lol

  20. YHVH.Yeshua says:

    love it