1. Dissatisfied face says:

    Is the fix d shotgun (Olympia) better than the pump one?

  2. shadow200569 says:

    ok ive looked into this shotgun nonsense decent amount and I have to ask; am I missing something rly big or is everybody on the internet stupid? every walkthrough says you have to get the toy shotgun for the statue but couldn't you just put the original shotgun back as soon as you have access to the outside and go under the porch and get the repair kit and get the M21 immediately when you are able to go outside?

  3. AzureRain 7 says:

    I just started playing RE7 and wanted to know which gun should be repaired first to better aid in the game, the broken handgun or the broken shotgun?

  4. cod Parr says:

    yea it lets u bc ive already got unlimited amoo for beating madhouse i got every thing unlocked

  5. Jose Valdez says:

    Damn! I have to kill four big sweep monster.

  6. DaRoyalPlatypus says:

    wait why does the keycard look like graphics card

  7. PewtaBox says:

    Great tutorial and was wondering where that location in the map was! Always supporting the smaller guys, not all that fair that the big guys get the game so damn early! ?

  8. J_ScottTheRose says:

    Did u say something about enhanced bullets not switching? Everytime I switch out for a new gun, the bullets atomatically change over when I leave one in the storage

  9. Guillermo Hilario says:

    Anyway to remove the shells from the pump shotgun and put them in the broken shotgun? great video btw

  10. Chris and my friend Mike Gun Range Shooting says:

    I don't know why they didnt chamber the 1911 in 45 smh

  11. Orion Gold says:

    This is really Sweet
    Thanks Man !

  12. Leekahn Wong says:

    First Repair kit can be found at early game so, should i use it on hand gun or should wait for M21 shotgun?

  13. Ryan Malik says:

    how about secret weapon treasure?

  14. HerrenGamingNews says:

    what role do you guys think umbrella played in this

  15. Jeremey Esquivel says:

    Hell yeah man, thanks for the guide! I'm just going to start playing this weekend. I'm just going to bypass the original shotgun at this point. Can you get that first repair kit right away once you get outside? Or do you have to do something to unlock that metal grate?

  16. Christian Estrada says:

    I had the ammo glitch as well you just have to make a new batch of enhanced ammo and it should load into the broken pistol

  17. Lou Carnivale says:

    great video, i like the testing, but you can get the shotgun much earlier by either switching out for the pump or leaving the pump on the stand in general

  18. Kawaii Senpaii says:

    I dont get it, just use the scorpion key to unlock the Broken Shotgun and just use the 1st repair kit on it. It does more damage than the pump shotgun anyways.

  19. Davideogaming says:

    I still find it hard to choose wich handgun (after completing normal mode) i will hold, the albert or the standard because later in the game i WILL need the shot gun and when i hold both of the hand guns including the the essential keys there will be no place to hold the shot gun anymore XD -_-

  20. Sebastián Fereira says:

    what's that coin in your inventory?