Springfield XDS 9mm Gun Review

Springfield XDS 9mm Gun Review


  1. Alexander Williams says:

    Just got this gun and watched your video. Had No idea of the rail mount on the front!

  2. LeadCounsel says:

    Great video review!

  3. An adequate firearm but also an overpriced import. Buy American!

  4. Christopher Davis says:

    The xds is awesome

  5. millenium2003 says:

    A man only needs fists for self defense

  6. RAE Industries says:

    cool but i see his face firing i didn't see the target.

  7. Taylor Harless says:

    i miss my xds ;(

  8. Joe Schmoe says:

    I've seen others beside you try to insert the 8rd mag in backwards. This could be a problem trying to reload under stress. Is it easier with a loaded mag?

  9. Just got my Grey XDS this week. It will be my CC once I take my class next month. Still trying to figure out what holster to buy for carrying, I know most people go through multiple holsters before they find the one they like. Also because I'm not experienced with carrying yet I am not sure where on my body I want to carry. Thanks for the great review of a great gun from a great company. Look forward to learning more from you. OR Nurse here

  10. Been wanting this gun for a while. Bought one from a Springfield rep today for an excellent price plus 4 extra mags and soft case. Good deals make you feel like a kid on Christmas!

  11. dunecigar says:

    it seems to me that the xds is a weapon that glock fan boys can purchase without "losing" their royal-order-of-glock membership. since most already own a Glock of some sorts, which tends to be a large size, they are glock-guilt-free to purchase a small concealable xds.

  12. The Tricky Outdoorsman says:

    Hate the grip.after about 50-60 rounds that grip hurts your hand. the trigger is okay, but I love the xdm trigger a heck of a lot better.

  13. Can it fit a 30 or 32 round mag ?

  14. Girls Like Guns, Too says:

    I've been carrying one for almost two years and had no issues. I prefer the texture because of the aggressiveness.

  15. Loonytik says:

    I have the Mod 2. Subcompact 9mm – 13 and 16 round mags. Excellent pistol and rides with me every day. Springfield makes a great weapon, you'll enjoy it.

  16. Sasmodog says:

    I'm loving my Walther PPS Classic.. Pretty easy to get some good accurate shots out with it.

  17. David MN says:

    Did you shoot Sootch's truck? It's tradition šŸ˜›

  18. TheRealWorldPrepper says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours, SM! Looking forward to following along with you through 2017.

  19. sootch00 says:

    Excellent review Brother! This is a solid option for Carry. Thanks~

  20. Michael Chase says:

    Great review I hope you continue to do gun reviews. I am looking into single stacks for summer carry.