The AK-47 Assault Rifle

The AK-47 Assault Rifle


  1. Johann Blah says:

    The Russian Killed the Head of isis within A Year after entering the war against isis …, Thanks Russia…The americans took 10 Years to killed bin laden…

  2. Denner Tuber says:

    Assault Rifle? Actually it was designed as a tank crew defense rifle? Go figure?

  3. I've been on both ends of an AK-47 and respect the design. I've owned many a AK type weapon and if the balloon ever goes up I want an AK!

  4. Jimmy Schmidt says:

    Ok they said an sub-Saharan African can get an AK for $50 but I haven't seen one for less than $650 and semi-auto only.

  5. John Casady says:

    this gun is a rip from the german stg 44 ??

  6. yuri akhmadov says:

    sturm gewer means storm rifle not assault rifle

  7. Hunter Jones says:

    I love my AK's!!!

  8. Rajendra Rajpaul says:

    It's a modified/copied version of a German rifle

  9. Sam French says:

    2017….. 70 years… say no more.

  10. frankie Aranda says:

    imagine if the VC had more discipline and actually trained with there AK's

  11. Corrado Soprano says:

    The REAL weapon of mass destruction! The US would have easily won the Vietnam War and the Korean War if it weren't for Russia supplying the North with AK-47 assault rifles. After the USSR collapsed millions of innocent Africans in countries like Sierra Leone died because gun runners traded the AK for rough diamonds also called blood or conflict diamonds. These diamonds came from alluvial deposits that weren't easy to control. Millions of people have died because of this weapon.

  12. Çükülopter says:

    use screaM tactic

  13. Jona Wagner says:

    mode power previous ubvead descend northwest never over reality appoint.

  14. Doug Malone says:

    An odious legacy.

  15. Mz. Fortune says:

    Always been fascinated by Mikhail Kalashnikov. His designs are functional and simple a mechanical art form.

  16. Jason Pollard says:

    "You spray and fire" lmfao

  17. Donald Drummp says:

    RIP dear friend!

  18. adam syukri says:

    the gun ak 47 is good..

  19. barracuda7018 says:

    Designed and developed by Hugo Schmeisser.. Russians simply copied his design like everythig else developed by Germans.