The H8R Airsoft Revolver by Elite Force | Airsoftology Airsoft Pistol Review

The H8R Airsoft Revolver by Elite Force | Airsoftology Airsoft Pistol Review


  1. Mr. PlayStation says:

    i got this thinking it only came with one clip so i bought extras now i have like 20 clips

  2. Kevin Volpe says:

    Where can I find a holster?

  3. FlawedbyDesign says:

    I hope this gets rereleased with adjustable hop-up, or any for that matter because from what I have seen from
    hop-up mods this thing can be beastly accurate. PLEASE ADD HOP-UP, ELITE FORCE !

  4. Collin Shea says:

    I like that you can add a grip for +10 stability and a scope for +20 accuracy. I wish you could add a stock and long barrel so I could have a pistol sniper

  5. carver dewitt-gall says:

    so I would like to get 2 of these with a crap ton of those circle ammo things. how well do those bb's stay in their spot. like if I running full on and I'm wiggling about….are the Bb's gonna fall out

  6. Jacob Webb says:

    hey Airsoftology do you know where I can get a main hammer spring for a elite force smoke wagon

  7. Ben Courter says:

    my friend has a revolver and he has clips like this revolver and it splits the BBS. does this gun do the same or to the BBS stay on course?

  8. i kind of want one now

  9. Marksman Badger Airsoft says:

    Why with the puns?

  10. Bram Contrabass says:

    I love mine. Its reliable and i got 200 shots off. once i got to around 210-215 the bbs bare shot out. but 200 full strength shots before bbs went limp is beast! i just wish the discs were more readily available on sites i shop on. everywhere they are sold out

  11. Laurence thecamper says:

    is this in the UK yet?

  12. Smokeythemoose says:

    Do you guys think the disks would be 3d printable?

  13. FrankDad says:

    I paid $40 for a marushian fn-57 and…
    (Don't go down if you don't wanna have a heart attack)

    Fucking lost it and no one could find it. Honestly one of the best airsoft pistols I had

  14. crewleaderprods says:

    Range is probably 100 feet max but dont expect accuracy past 25 feet.

  15. HoodieHQ says:

    dont like the pistol

  16. HoodieHQ says:

    love your channel starting airsoft and im despret to find a gun you helped me alot although im not buying that revolver

  17. Gavin Kinyon says:

    John what is the minimum age for American milsim thank you keep up the good work

  18. killertom345 says:

    Are speed softers ruining airsoft???

  19. Bud Green says:

    Hey johnathon, big fan your show is one of my favorites along with U.S. AIRSOFT. Enough of that though, I just got my new g&g combat machine from having a custom built lonex gearbox, krytac 30k, prowin hop up, and a 6.01 stainless steal tight bore. It is the most amazing shooting airsoft m4 I've shot, and I'm not just saying it cause it's mine. But my problem is now it's shooting 437 fps with .20's which you know is what most feilds use to chrono your gun and I was wondering how many fps do you usually drop once your spring is broken in. I love the way the gun performs so I really don't want to take it apart to put in a different spring, so if you have any tips on how to lower fps without touching my gearbox that would be awesome. Thanks for your time and thanks for the great videos you keep pumping out.

  20. Daniel Gray says:

    Doesn't do it for me, I run plastic TM P226 but it operates like the pistol should, that thing is a massive turn off.