Top 5 CCW .380 ACP Self Defense Ammo

Top 5 CCW .380 ACP Self Defense Ammo


  1. Shawn Bane says:

    Ruger ARX.

  2. john smith says:

    I carry ball ammo for 380

  3. Code3Forever says:

    I have a box of those Sig Sauer rounds as was shown here for my LCP .380. I never fired them and they have been sitting in my ammo box for over a year. I use the FMJ 90 Grain .380 cartridges because I have yet to have any kind of malfunction in loading, firing and ejecting out of the Ruger. Also, I carry these for penetration. I am sure the rounds mentioned here are superb rounds against the human target. Where I live, we have Black Bear, Cougars, Wolves & Coyotes… I know it would be foolish to go hunting with the .380 but if I run into one of the above, I feel I might have a better chance with the FMJ as far as penetrating bear skin and fat. The other soft skinned animals, I am certain the hollow point ammo will work. We have sightings of bears pretty regularly and I am a night person and may be out at night for late night coffee or a meal. But the .380 is a good all around load especially for concealed carry in the small pistols

  4. Brandon N says:

    well I have a top three and they were not in your top 5… poor choice of 380 ammo.

  5. D Snlove says:

    Have you tried Ruger arx Liberty Civil Defense Powerball! I use all 3…..Pray for our Lord to return soon!! Sept. 23 maybe!!!

  6. 90 Grain Lehigh Defense Extreme Penetrator. Best performer hands down and feeds perfectly in my new LCP ll.

  7. J. A. E. says:

    I've been thinking about carrying g2 r.i.p any thoughts?

  8. Eli Smith says:

    I carry my 380 ammo staggered between 90grn Speer Gold Dot and 65grn Xtreme Defender specifically by Underwood, not Lehigh. I Carry 2 mags staggered as mentioned and 1 mag with all Xtreme Penetrators by Underwood. I like the penetration of the XD's & XP's and the expansion of the SGD. I think it makes for a very deadly combination. In a self defense situation, I'd more than likely hit my target multiple times or until the threat has been stopped. The Xtreme Penetrators is specifically for when i'm in my truck. We have lots of road rage incidents where I live, almost weekly something is on the news about people shooting into cars due to road rage. I stay quite in vehicle these days, it's getting dangerous to just use your horn aggressively. The Xtreme Penetrator has no problems holding its trajectory going through barriers, even with the little 380. I carry a Ruger LCP2 as my backup on weekends. Only reason I don't carry my LCP2 as my primary is because we have a gang problem in Atlanta. They carry high capacity handguns, like Glock 19 with 33 round mags and rifle caliber pistols, like the Draco/7.62 x 39mm and pistol version 5.56x45mm, whick hold 30 rounds. They're not afraid to use it for absolutely no reason. It's sick. So my primary is typically a Beretta PX4 Storm compact chambered in 9mm or Glock 29, which is a 10mm. Every once in a while I carry my M&P Shield chambered in 9mm. When I go to work Monday through Friday, I carry my Glock 29 and Glock 20. On weekends I carry my G29 and LCP2. I never leave a gun in my truck as these idiots break into cars out here as often as you go to the bathroom to piss. They also have a habit of car jacking. My 2nd gun is just for that. Sits right in my cup holder for an idiot to fuck up and come my way with that bull shit. My LCP2 would end up right in their face and the Xtreme Penetrator will exit the head taking brain with it. & i'm sure i don't have to tell you what would happen with either of the 10mm's……………………………………

  9. Roland Cirilo says:

    I carry the hydra shoks , 90 grain in my S&W BG, as well in my TCP 738.

  10. Jason Taylor says:

    Why not include the Ruger ARX rounds with a velocity of over 1,300fps? And the R.I.P. rounds out of Georgia? Hollow points often plug up with clothing and don't expand. So if shooting naked people, I like your choices. In a real world, the ARX and R.I.P. beats all of your top 5.

  11. The PNW Rider says:

    I like the hornady American gunner 124 ( same as custom ) I like the ruger arx too. Advantage is light recoil and will do at least 12" without fear of fmj pass through.

  12. David Sheward says:

    I guess the thing I don't understand about "favorite carry ammo" is why everyone seems to pick 1 "type" only. What about "mixed load" ? IMHO: "self defense situation'' can change drastically. Why not be prepared for more than one "situation" ? My preference is 2 rounds each. For my S&W BG380 I load : 2-G2 RIP / 2-LH XD / 2-LH MaxEX /2-LH XP . I train using 2 controlled shot burst. (And ,Yes …I can count …I also use a MaGuts +1 modified S&W magazine in my BG for carry…that gives me "8" with one in the chamber.

  13. Philip Murphy says:

    A good .380 round is the 90gr Fiochi with the XTP bullet. It always opens and penetrates between 13 and 15 inches! The next best is the new
    Penetrator rounds.

  14. Aaron McVay says:

    No Buffalo Bore +P or Lehigh Defense ammo?

  15. john smith says:

    I use full metal jacket for my 380

  16. Mark Wagner says:

    Glad to hear someone talk about the defensive capabilities of the 380

  17. b Studler says:

    G2 Research R.I.P ammo.

  18. Bubba Blackmon says:

    90 grain Fiocchi "Extrema" loaded with Hornady's xtp bullet. Functions flawlessly in .380
    Bodyguard. Not sure i agree with the PDX1 . Expansion that great probably means inferior
    penetration. It's a trade off and i'll take penetration every time.

  19. Boris Chang says:

    Great reading of published numbers.

  20. Richard Saunders says:

    underwood extream defender same size prem wound cavity and 13 to 14" penatration you will be very surprised and pleased