World’s Fastest Handgun Shooter – 2014 World Record Gun Shooting Championship

World's Fastest Handgun Shooter - 2014 World Record Gun Shooting Championship


  1. Dobry Zloy says:

    ??????? ???????, ? ????? ?????? ?????????

  2. Michel Bernstein says:


  3. Eduardo Rios says:

    I would love to be the first one on the range and the last one to leave but man ammo kills the piggy bank

  4. Oracion EreZy says:

    Here I meet with you again America

  5. R ? Z ? R R ? Z ? R says:

    must be aiming with a mouse

  6. Cristiano Ronaldo says:

    A piece of shit when you come to IDF, even a girl here can chop your head easily.

  7. Kristofer Singzon says:

    That frickin Scar-H is cool!

  8. bobbysteelsnDerbyCity says:

    Greatest of all time!!! The Muhammad Ali of guns!!

  9. Arco Cola says:

    He's a damn American bad ass

  10. Justfuncraft Gaming says:

    Why isn't this a dank meme?

  11. Bravo Charlie says:

    What is the best , the zero instructor or he ?

  12. Rex Cristallo Spada CT- 3981 says:

    Deadshot ain't got sh*t on Jerry

  13. killan001 says:

    that guy could totally shoot your wiener off.

  14. Bob Silver says:

    I want that guy on my side when the SHTF!!!

  15. Filipe Mateus says:

    Tá atirando demais, vou botar platina no seu dedinho

  16. CFG Racing Vids says:

    1:48 need to put jerry in john wick 3

  17. Alenzio gaming says:

    Deadshot in real life lol. XD

  18. MetazShan Stark says:

    Holy shit he might live in a zombie apocalypse well probably cuz he's old

  19. DaCrimsonHunter says:

    Now that's a trigger finger

  20. Fahad Ali says:

    I heard this guy is not allowed into Canada