CornerShot – Gun Shoots Around Corners?? Pro Shooter Gun Review

CornerShot - Gun Shoots Around Corners?? Pro Shooter Gun Review


  1. StuntcatTV says:

    They should make one for a Barret.

  2. Real steel, paintball, airsoft, and even Nerf has this concept in a blaster of the same name. Great review!

  3. My psychologist is crazy says:

    Great vid. It's great to see a woman with so much knowledge about shooting. Keep up the great work. Cheers.

  4. Bondsense says:

    Could you imagine two people with CornerShots peeking down a hall at one another?
    "Well, THIS is awkward…"

  5. Stephanie Mujan says:

    Babes who can shoot well and you only get 88K views, wtf.

  6. Eric Michels says:

    I would rather have a unlimited supply of frags to toss around a corner before I had to enter a room. ( of course I don't have the money for either)

  7. V Beemer says:

    love a lady that handles a firearm well and you are gorgeous doing it

  8. but what about the lateral recoil?

  9. ZMOA2006 says:

    Expensive useless toy…

  10. Rodney Pittman says:

    would this be an SBR

  11. iloveshootingshit says:

    i would love to try one of these

  12. Michael Hill says:

    This reminds me of the parascope systems soldiers rigged themselves in WW1. I'm not sure why this system can't just use mirrors/prisms. You wouldn't need a battery in that case. Seems like a good idea that was poorly designed/executed.

  13. Issac Martinez says:

    What if the camera gets shot in a gun fight.

  14. joey grieco says:

    The only problem I see with it in a home defense situation is that there is very little hard cover in a real house meaning if you poke that thing threw someone cal shoot you threw a wall

  15. Aaron Gray says:

    I saw this on the discovery channel. It's cool that you actually got the gun to try out.

  16. What do you need says:

    what about most guns can shoot through walls

  17. Case White says:

    wonder how good it would be in a full dark scenario would have been nice to see.

  18. juan gonzalez says:

    Nice cut at 9:58, wouldn't have noticed but for the sunlight in the top right.

  19. Brian Polito says:

    you're awesome in so many ways. Any chance you can review the sub 2000? i already own one, but would love your take on it.

  20. why do I want to watch hot chicks with guns??? I'm Canadian, so that should say a lot, (flame away respectfully if you want) and I'm not really pro-gun but I do believe in being able to protect ourselves. Maybe it's just the hot chick? I dunno but I enjoyed the videos.