CZ P01 Best Handgun ever?

CZ P01 Best Handgun ever?


  1. Kyle Black says:

    I honestly believe this is the best pistol I have owned, I have glocks, 1911s, sig, sw, everything… the cz has been my most reliable and ergonomic. P-01 is always on my belly.

  2. Last Frontier Channel says:

    Great gun – love it

  3. Mario Knife Making says:

    My CZ 75D compact PCR is exactly the same as your p-01 it also has a rail… probably a europe version

  4. Death.Becomes.Her.07 Death.Becomes.Her.07 says:

    I love my CZ 75 BD. In fact, I'm going to the range in just a few minutes.

  5. Rob Capilli says:


  6. Frank Colletti says:

    beautiful pistol,
    where did you purchase your pistol I have been looking for a nice OD Green pistol.
    Thank you god bless

  7. Allen mcdowell says:

    What's up I have the same gun only in black with orange aluminum grips. I read the Samething and said shit I gotta have one. Not one disappointment I love that gun!!

  8. Russell Llessur says:

    did you have that coated (coated) or did it come like that (besides the grips) either way gorgeous firearm

  9. Mike Hawk says:

    Great gun and review

  10. cjkatbruno says:

    love the way the slide is cause the way I hold a gun if the slides to thick I tend to touch it with my thumb. I have to adjust the way I hold my shield and grip it a tad awkward. Ive never had any trouble what so ever racking slide on my cz75 and Ive had it almost 5 years. I also have the same grips as you just different color. Maybe you got a better deal than me I paid 16 bucks less than the vz grips no where near half price. I have model with the safety and love the options I have with it.

  11. Can't find this puppy anywhere! But I will have it. Thanks for the video ?

  12. Mark Badia says:

    Did you get it from CZ in OD green or is that an after market job? Are you looking at doing a trigger job? I heard CZ USA does custom trigger jobs that really improve the feel on the trigger, bit I know their are others that do good customization work.

  13. Rick Gordon says:

    I just had occasion to shoot one…most accurate handgun I've ever fired, and I've fired just about all of them. I'm buying one.

  14. BigBoy949 says:

    Beautiful CZ!!! Love it!!!

  15. Aww they were stripped of all their oils ;(

  16. adam briar says:

    I also love my P01. To me it is the perfect gun, perfect size, perfect ergonomics (for me), and it shoots like a pussy cat. It has a great single action trigger pull and it is very accurate. The only complaint I had with mine was like you said the oem sights. They are hard to see and the luminescent paint didn't work so well, atleast on mine anyways.

  17. Rich Klein says:

    If this gun came standard with ambi controls, I would own one in a heartbeat. Good video.

  18. Bonno460xvr says:

    I have a cz75 omega urban gray and 2075 rami. love them both. Some reason im looking at P01 ha ha ha ha. Far as the trigger, i think the omega and PO1 have the new simpler trigger which is ok but the traditional trigger can be made much better and is why there comp guns and standard CZ75 come with the original trigger. Also look in your plastic, you should be able to change the decocker out for a safety if you want like my 75 omega urban gray.

  19. The Triggerati says:

    Thanks for the MSBF info. Barely anyone ever even talks about that idea. Great review.