Diagnosing Accuracy Problems – Handgun 101 with Top Shot Chris Cheng

Diagnosing Accuracy Problems - Handgun 101 with Top Shot Chris Cheng


  1. Cesar Garcia says:

    The best distance to test a full size handgun accuracy is 25 meters. It is the distance used in international ISSF competitions and in the MLAIC matches. This distance is not forgiving with shooter and pistol, and the mistakes in trigger pressure, hand grip and alignment of sights will be more evident. The mechanical accuracy of the gun is also more critical at this distance and helps to distinguish the accurate one from the mediocre one. Another different matter is training…this must be done at all distances for self defense or police, specially at very short distances.

  2. Corey Dark says:

    Hi there just a general question which you might find a bit silly. I live in Australia and out police can't shoot for crap and only shoot live rounds once per year. We also have the simulation marker round training as well which is once or twice per year. Can you place tell me what size of a group any police officer should be getting at 25 yards and 40 yards? I was thinking 2-3 inches at 25 years and up to 5 inches for 40 yards. Also tips for shooting on the move at less than 10 yards and over 10 yards while still getting those tight groups. All but 1 agency using the Glocks. Police using .40Smith and Western (Glock 22) and the Federal Agencies use the Glock 17 9mm excluding our defense force which use the crap browning high power and we're trying to get the Glock 17s and 19s due to their cost, weight, ammo increase and with New Zealand our closest allies and cousin/sister/brother nation and the UK all now using the Glock 17 and 19s. I'm an armature shooter but have been trying to help my father and his colleges get a proper firearm training and not requalification. 

    Using the Virtra shooting range to practice safe use of the firearm and using the sights and then using the 300 degree for reaction training and putting the officers in those situations, then there would be 2 weeks at the range shooting daily and then a 3rd week using the R4 rifle and tactical shooting. Officers would then undergo live round training over 4 months, more round training every 4 months and simulation training every four months with over 10,000 round of live ammo per year per officer. I just don't know if it's too little on a yearly basis but they do get the marker round and simulator training. Some help from you experts would be appreciated

  3. Andrew Ryan says:

    Pretty good tips, but I have to ask how many people have mentioned how much you sound like Owen Wilson?

  4. MrBoriqua2000 says:

    Whats the best distance from a target to test accuracy?

  5. Marvin Lashley says:

    Dear Lord, what a jacked up bunch of target analysis explanations!

  6. Kyle M Green says:

    Right handed, 9 o'clock shooter checking in!
    I guess I'll have to be mindful of what part of my finger is working the trigger.

    Thanks for the tip!