Fully automatic Glock handgun with 100 round clip

Fully automatic Glock handgun with 100 round clip


  1. TheMusicman961 says:
  2. TheMusicman961 says:

    Magazine dingus… you seriously need so safety training also… But cool video.

  3. Markie Green says:

    im getting that

  4. Ronaldo Prophete says:

    dickheads doing stupid stuff


    Well someone's over compensating.

  6. Cocho RAFA says:

    now that's what the FUCK on talking about lol

  7. Rob Phillips says:

    you guys know this guy isn't actually Russian right?

  8. Jose Arias says:

    badass pistol

  9. FDanielon says:

    is this a professional russian?

  10. Gerald Schutte says:

    I hope this isn't available or should I say legal for the general public in the USA. Military & Police I have no problem with them having this but it seems to me the only use for this on the civilian market is mass shootings. I know I'm gonna get people upset. I'm for the right to bear arms but this isn't for protection. I have 2 handguns and they are more than adequate for family-personal protection. When I see this weapon it just makes no sense for a civilian to own.

  11. austinsftw says:

    He just got his titties done.

  12. Jonathan lameda says:

    cyka blyat

  13. Cletus_Maximus says:

    this is stolen from FPS russia

  14. Scalabrine says:

    That's fps Russia

  15. AlphaSniper101 says:


  16. Matt Carrasquillo says:

    "magazine!!!" thumbs down for putting clip in the title.

  17. Ohio Girl says:

    Reminds me of San Andreas

  18. Lex The Lion says:

    The drums look like that to give the gun more balls. Big balls.

  19. Dario Hall says:

    spray n pray lol

  20. Jonatan Eriksson says:

    Damn Cool