HANDGUN TOOTHBRUSH | The Jarppi Show 1/6 | Dudesons

HANDGUN TOOTHBRUSH | The Jarppi Show 1/6 | Dudesons


  1. Dudesons says:

    It's been ten years since I had my own show on our then-website – The Jarppi Show! Felt like rebooting it for another "season" after all these years. What do you think? -@jarppidudeson

  2. GrandTheftAuto VI says:

    Jarppi looks like a grandma

  3. Jonne Pöysti says:

    He should try automatic glock

  4. Little Timmy says:

    Am I the only one that noticed he ate chicken nuggets after brushing his teeth

  5. Baschar Sevim says:


  6. IKE n IKE says:

    this will be great for the zombie apocalypse.

  7. Trey Begnaud says:

    what kind of air soft gun is that

  8. GBK Productions says:

    what gun is jarppi using

  9. The Real Kermit says:

    It might not have been a real gun, but this is definitely a USA thing to do. I laughed my ass off at how well this went. Keep it up with the Jarppi show! Love it!

  10. etele lionheart says:

    this was tooo funny:))

  11. Richard Watterson says:

    I know how to use it as a weapon attach a knife to it then when 2 guys come at u. U shoot the guy and stab the guy at the same time

  12. Paljol myyt ton

  13. splash god says:

    closest thing to the jackass crew right here. no one will ever be able to do it the way they did it in my opinion. it was such dark humor and they weren't scared of ANYTHING. i'm praying they make a jackass 3 before they get older, ryan dunn passing is what's preventing them.

  14. Eira Heikkinen says:


  15. Docomonater Skywalker says:

    Hold on what happend to the rest of the dudesons


  16. Trevor Philips says:

    Meanwhile in Finland XD

  17. i love you dude ??

  18. MT_AT_GB_MV says:

    back in 2027?nuuuuuuuu

  19. Anonymous Mysterious says:

    Jarppi is the funnies person on internet ??

  20. ChimmeyOrigins says:

    How American brush their teeth in the morning