KJW M1911 Airsoft Gun Review (CO2 Version)

KJW M1911 Airsoft Gun Review (CO2 Version)


  1. Danni Ds stenholt says:


  2. Danni Ds stenholt says:

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  3. çilgin turk says:

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  4. joymarie lubigan says:

    Whats wrong with my air soft??? It needs to be reloaded every time you take a shot

  5. Fatal Surf says:

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  6. Deadly Duck says:

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  7. made ariartha says:

    itz just a toy..

  8. Does anyone know if you can use other magazines with this?

  9. Ethan Miller says:

    Just do you know the original M1911 was fully semi automatic and you did not have to cock it everytime you shot it, You only had to cock it when you reloaded and it was your first shot.

  10. ??????? ?? says:

    how it cost;

  11. Gta5 Mitchell says:


  12. My airsoft gun is by Performance clear and its a fking pain in the butt mine is metal and ITS SO STRONG AND FAST

  13. DreenoxHD says:

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  16. Harley Quinn says:

    we have the same gun but if I put my co2 in the magazine it wont fit in the magazine well. im using 12 grams Crossman co2. is there a smaller tank?

  17. where did you buy this without all the bullshit warnings and brandings all over the slide?

  18. dicker licker says:

    is it 12g c02 cartridges?

  19. m e m e s U p r e m e says:

    nice review, liked the video

  20. Raptor Man says:

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