New Remington RP9 Striker Fired Handgun | Shot 2017

New Remington RP9 Striker Fired Handgun | Shot 2017


  1. Have 2 of these and the r51 no probs at all shoots great??

  2. ray marchetta says:

    This must be the only gun these 2 guys own

  3. Tis but a dream says:

    Travis outta be ashamed of himself for being anywhere near this catastrophe.

  4. sae1095hc says:

    "The stockholders will be extremely gratified to know that by eliminating test firing, we will realize millions in extra profit next quarter!"

  5. I just love weapons salesmen they are always trying to invent knew ways to describe their guns. their like we put a barrel on it this time that has a round hole in it covered in impregnable frog shit. we also changed the usual place you put your hand so it aims itself now. for 2017 we decided to go all out and put ambi safety and different colored grip panels. and its a cunt hair longer for a better sight radius.

  6. crappy gun hands down I would never touch this thing the bullets escape to feed lips so that way the enemy can pick up a bullet and shoot back at you how amazing is that that's what I call a hat trick

  7. Zak Faruki says:

    Does anyone at Remington look at the market and wonder how the hell they expect to sell a pistol like this at $500 and convince anyone but a bunch of Fudds who are cheating on their Durr rifles to buy this over a Glock, M&P Shield, or even a Springfield XD?

  8. Great review! how does this gun stack up against lemons?

  9. Robert Smith says:

    What does optimized grip even mean

  10. Jerry Wick says:

    Somehow Remington will have to make state-compliant magazines for this new pistol.  California,  Illinois,  Maryland,  Connecticut,  Mass.,  New York and New Jersey.  The crappy states with stupid-ass Draconian strict gun-control.  They also have the highest crime-rate in this nation.  I have not seen this new gun yet in dealer's shelves.

  11. Remington R(ecall)P(istol)9(weeks it will take for them to fix it)

    military arms channel did a review, omg what an awful piece of crap this is. the slide release on the right side does not work. the rounds jammed UNDER the feed ramp. what is wrong with Remington.

  12. Daniel Hernandez says:

    Fucking thing looks like a Hight point lol what are they thinking

  13. SailfishSoundSystem says:

    This gun might have some serious and dangerous issues:

  14. MAC reviewed this gun and it's full of issues.

  15. Previously saw Military Arms channel review 20 minutes ago. The rep is so confident in his product and i can't stop laughing. It's a fail…

  16. Striker Fired says:

    The gun is junk.

  17. lawdog89 says:

    I hope it has a lifetime warranty.

  18. Elias Diaz says:

    it looks like an oversized USP pistol

  19. It wouldn't look half bad if it wasn't for that stupid "R" on the grip

  20. Whoa! A polymer framed striker-fired 9mm pistol?! No way! What a novel idea! I can see a bunch of respectable companies following Remington's lead on this, as well as "me-too" companies jumping on board with this phenomenal breakthrough in weapons technology! But will it last, or is this just a flash in the pan?

    Joking aside, I hope Remington actually does well on this. They have been screwing up a lot recently, not the least of which was in the hand-gun arena. Reading the comments, it seems that plenty of people seem to share my doubts. I would love these doubts to be dispelled. I hate seeing a good old name destroyed in a single generation due to a handful of poor choices. As far as this pistol: It doesn't look much different from other plastic pistols, except the minor beaver tail, not unlike the Sig P320. It also looks like it shares the same concept of a "frame" that drops into a "grip module" that is used on the Sig 320. The polymer framed, striker fired, 9mm pistol market is pretty saturated. Even if it is a good gun, it is going to have to fight tooth-and-nail against the competition. When a person can get the "tacticool" points of having a Sig 320 for an MSRP a hair under the $600 mark, and Springfields and Glocks can be found for sub-$500 if you look, it might be hard to find a place.

    Good luck, Remington. I mean it… and you'll need it.