The .38 Special Is The Best Handgun Cartridge. PERIOD

The .38 Special Is The Best Handgun Cartridge. PERIOD


  1. I agree with you 100%

  2. roentgen571 says:

    It was the go-to police handgun round for most of the 20th century in North America… hard to argue that it's not effective.

  3. outwhitu08 says:

    38 special is a great round, i happen to love it, i have 2 heirloom S&Ws, the snub has never been fired in mint condition made in 1955, the 4" is the one i cut my teeth on at a very young age, but the new revolver i bought is in 357 mag simply because you can shoot both if you want.
    The 38 special is a very good personal protection round, good as a 45acp? In some ways yes. but for a practical personal protection weapon that is easy to learn to shoot, yes, man stopper, yes. It has had my vote for years now.

  4. dead Squirrel smoking says:

    I have a 5 shot 38 I love it I carry it…NO.. I'll stick with my 11 round 10mm glock 29..or my 14 round glock 23..but yea..ok video

  5. Roger Selover says:

    Well I won't go as far as you but I do like a .38 snubby and the .38s baby my Python! Inherently accurate cartridge but there are a lot of those, e.g. 44 Russian and .44 Special. Straight walled pistol cases are alwayx going to be the easiest to reload.

  6. MrTopgun5150 says:

    One huge factor is, no matter how bad ass someone is, business end any cal going bang turns them into babies.

  7. carrying my 38 special for 27 years. Never once failed to fire. I use +p's. no issues. old school wheel gun that hits hard…

  8. Bernard Reiter says:

    38 special +P means plus pressure. They put the power under pressure to create more boom.

  9. Alex Bermudez says:

    It's an opinion, not a fact.

  10. Max Hengst says:

    I love 38 special!

  11. Tandy Walker says:

    Ruger 38 special +p, will take it over any other self defense pistol!

  12. BundesRepublic Murica says:

    It's frickin awesome for so many reasons.

  13. MrWarrenTerra says:

    642 with a belt clip stays with me always.

  14. sfla4x4 sfla4x4 says:

    Good video. Plenty of fancier options out there but the .38 Special got it done for years especially in law enforcement. Plenty of flexibility and options on loads as well. The need to carry more ammo is what eventually did it in as far as LEO is concerned, but that does not mean it was an ineffective round. Penetration through windshields was another issue that came up if I remember correctly in the LEO arena. In any event, you can't go wrong with a good old fashioned wheel gun for defensive purposes chambered in .38 or .357 MAG.

  15. 22s r for wusses says:

    I prefer 45 ACP over 38 special any day of the week

  16. LoneWanderer360 says:

    I like the Remington green/white 125 grain +p sjhp (the ones that look like a scalloped jacket). They are inexpensive $34/100 and have great performance in ballistic gel tests. I don't see the "FBI loads" for sale very often.

  17. Charles Merritt says:

    i own 8 pistolsi will always have a 38 snub nose.

  18. Bob Jones says:

    I have a S&W model 64 .38 special, which I love. It's a great gun, and I am thinking of getting a Ruger SP 101 .357 snub as my next handgun. Those are simply beautiful, hefty, and can fire both the .38 and .357 rounds.

  19. I agree I believe it is as well. And your always going to get arguments. And to the point of going through a shield, I don't know, but the vids I've seen when people are getting jacked at a ATM the bad guy is not holding a shield or even wearing body armor. So to each their own but for me I'll take 38s. By the way I have a SP101 3" 357  and its loaded with 38s.Thanks for your work Gun Sam.

  20. Rich Wood says:

    The only thing that would make .38 special the best, is if that's what you had at the time you needed it!
    Other than that, purely opinion. My opinion is .22 long rifle is best. It will work in revolvers, semi auto pistols,rifles,pump action,bolt action, etc.
    Smaller, carry more ammo, easier to hold do I need to continue?
    Go ahead start laughing, I can take it.