Universal Handgun Sight Tool | Sight Installation

Universal Handgun Sight Tool | Sight Installation


  1. glock sight go in from right to left. come on man smh

  2. Christopher Duenas says:

    I have a Kimber 1911, would this tool remove and install the meprolight night sights application?

  3. Will this work with third gen S&W

  4. USMC03-1408 says:

    used on my Glock, and gunna use it on my HI POWER… works wonders

  5. TactiCali Industries says:

    I seen the video on removing the sights, will it have a problem removing the rear sights on an xd, I seen a guy leave a comment saying it ruined his sights trying to get them off but I'm not sure if the tool is capable of getting the rears off on an xd or if it was just the guys fault.

  6. For those who are installing factory plastic rear sight on Glock models, make sure to identify where the little 'slit' indentation on the sight. Line the slit perfectly on the edge of the pushing metal part so it will engage into the slit and move it in, rather than crushing your plastic sight. My sight that came from factory had slits on both sides, but the ones I got from Glockstore had slit only on one side.
    It could be beginner's mistake like I made (thank goodness I purchased two of them just in case), but just a tip for those out there who are in the same situation as I am in. It is not the tool's fault whatsoever. This tool works perfect. I received within a couple days and it just worked great. Thank you!

  7. Will this work for springfield  armory XDS 3.3 9mm

  8. Bryan Hill says:

    Will this tool work on the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm?