5 Things For Thursday Aug 3: Trump, North Korea. Tax Reform. Hot Car Deaths. College And Race

(CNN)How to break out of jail in Alabama: Confuse the new guard … and use peanut butter. Here’s what elseyou need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get “5 Things You Need to Know Today” delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here.) The White House says […]

America’s Midlife Crisis: Lessons From A Survivalist Summit

Stephen Marche attends the Ohio Preppers and Survivalist Summit and discovers the contradictions in American life are the very conditions that are slowly crumbling it from within What does one wear to a survivalist summit? My physical appearance shouldnt be too much of a problem since Im white, forty-ish and, if I pause in my […]

In pictures: Fantastic Forests, celebrate Terrific Trees on International Day of Forests

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Old-growth spruce-dominated forest in Russia Image caption: Old-growth spruce-dominated forest in Russia This year’s global celebration’s theme is “Forests and Climate Change”. The International Day of Forests raises awareness about the alarming rate of deforestation, which not only accounts for 12 to 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions through forest fires, but also threatens the livelihood of Indigenous Peoples. We have been campaigning against deforestation for decades, most recently we have been putting pressure on banks like HSBC to stop funding Indonesia’s rainforest destruction.Together with the Munduruku Indigenous people, Greenpeace also …

Why it’s time to clean up the car industry

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Traffic in Putney, London Image caption: Traffic in Putney, London When Greenpeace kicked off the campaign to phase-out diesel engines last year, my brother Sam was one of the first ones to look concerned. He’d just bought a diesel car second-hand. They’re supposed to be more fuel-efficient than petrol and therefore pump out less CO2 so it had seemed like the greener choice. That was inherited wisdom once – but now we know how much more toxic fumes diesel engines put into our air, and how much harm that air pollution causes to our health. Diesel and petrol are like a rock and a hard place…

Sweden: Muslims Stream Three-Hour Rape On Facebook Live

If their “prophet” were alive today, he’d be live-streaming every rape and war crime possible. For peaceful purposes … Al Rod Al Anf, Volume 2, Page 182: “You see our god Allah will soon make you inherit their land, their treasures and make you sleep with rape their women.” – The “prophet” Mohammed Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of … their sexual immorality …” By Patrick Knox, The Sun – “TWO migrants from Afghanistan have reportedly been arrested over the three-hour gang rape of a woman that was broadcast on Facebook Live. The two men, aged 18 and 20, who are both from Afghanistan, were arrested in the city at the weekend after police were tipped off by …” Read

Australia: Multiple Deaths Reported After Muslim Yelling “Allahu Akbar” Mows Down Pedestrians With Car

But worry not. According to the PC police it had absolutely nothing to do with Islamic terror. This particular Muslim man was simply “mentally ill” like the “prophet” of Islam himself. Thank goodness for that! I’m sure such wonderful news will bring great comfort to the victims and their families … Hadith, Bukhari 2977, “I have been made victorious with terror” – The “Prophet” Of Islam, Mohammed Qur’an Sura 33:21, “Indeed in Allah’s Messenger (Mohammad) you have an excellent example to follow for him who hopes in (meeting with) Allah and the Last Day …” Reuters – “A man deliberately drove into pedestrians, killing four and injuring more than 20, in the center of Australia’s second largest city of Melbourne on Friday, but police said the incident was…

Two moderate tremors recorded in Ramechhap, Nepal

February 27, 2017: At least two moderate earthquake have been recorded in Ramechhap district of central Nepal in less than an hour.The first earthquake was of magnitude 4.6 at 9:22 am. Another magnitude 4.7 moderate earthquake hit Ramechhap district of central Nepal at 10:06 am local time Monday morning.According to the Nepal Seismological Center, both were aftershocks of 2015 Gorkha earthquake.The epicenter was located east of Manthali at a shallow depth of 10 km.No preliminary damage or injuries have been reported. At least 478 aftershocks of magnitude 4 and greater have been recorded since April 2015.

M4.4 tremor hits Dolakha, Nepal

February 4, 2017: An earthquake of magnitude 4.4 hit Lapilang area of Dolakha district at 5:58pm Saturday evening.According to the Nepal Seismological Center, the epicenter was located SE of Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple.Last earthquake in Dolakha was around four months ago, on October 12, 2016.It is an aftershock of 2015 Gorkha earthquake. At least 476 aftershocks of magnitude 4 and greater have been recorded since the deadly earthquake.

North of 60: Dog Sledding, Ice Caves, Snowboarding and Mountain Summits with Mandy

Back in January, I went on a climbing trip to Mexico. I had a great time climbing the amazing multi-pitch limestone walls out there, and enjoying the beautiful Mexican landscape. But I also met someone, and ultimately fell in love with this person, over the course of several months, writing e-mails and letters and postcards and talking over Skype. That person, Mandy, decided to come visit me in Whitehorse for two weeks in late March / early April. Wanting to impress her, and convince her that the Yukon is a fantastic, magical place, we jam-packed our days with winter activities. Here’s a highlight of those events (in …

Keeping the Myth and the Islamic State Alive

March 23, 2017 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Joint Syrian-Russian-Iranian operations against foreign-funded and armed militant groups across Syrian territory have incrementally dismantled and frustrated the fighting capacity of groups including the so-called Islamic State, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, and a myriad of other fronts coordinated and arrayed from abroad against Damascus.With the Russian intervention in late 2015, considerable air power was applied to these militant fronts’ logistical lines extending beyond Syria’s borders. As the supplies were cut, Syrian forces and their allies were able to isolate and eliminate one stronghold after another.Now, many of these groups face defeat within Syria, prompting their foreign sponsors into…

Today Was a Good Day

I was supposed to go to get chicken wire and a new stapler so that I could fix up some pens so that we could get the older batch of chicks outside. There are too many of them and now that they are older they just don’t fit in the brooder anymore. They need more room! But just before I left I listed my spare roosters on our local yard sale page and had a couple of different people answer it. Then someone messaged me about chicks. I arranged for them to come after I got back from town where I didn’t buy the wire and stapler because I knew if I got rid of the roosters I could move hens around and…

This is it, it’s out this week!

Blimey, my book is out this weekActually it’s been available on Amazon for a few days, but officially it’s out on 6th June. That’s when it hits the shops,How does that feel?Terrifying. And exciting.I’m having a book launch at Waterstones in Barnstaple (North Devon) on the 6th June at 6pm until about 8ish. Debbie and I are going to do some finger food from our smallholding, so it’ll sort of be have a taste of out life and then you can read about it! I’ll be signing books and there all evening.If you can make it, it would be great to see you there.It’s…

Bulletproof Vests: A Beginner’s Guide

Bulletproof Vests: A Beginner’s Guide Bulletproof vests are part of every survivalist’s supplies list. They protect the torso from firearm projectiles and from shrapnel from explosions. A lot of people have the mistaken assumption that only law enforcement can have… The post Bulletproof Vests: A Beginner’s Guide appeared first on How To Survive Stuff.

G&A Madness 2017 Bracket Challenge: Vote. Debate. WIN!

March is bracket season and that means it’s time to pick your favorite firearms in Guns & Ammo’s 5th-annual bracket challenge! Only one firearm will be crowned champion of G&A Madness 2017, and it’s up to YOU to decide which gun becomes victorious. How It Works G&A Madness is just like the NCAA basketball tournament bracket, but with a few twists. Instead of filling out your entire bracket at once, we’re asking our audience to VOTE HERE in each of six tourney rounds. We’ll start with 64 total firearms. The guns receiving the most votes in each round will move on, narrowing the competition down to a final four and eventually a champion! G&A Madness starts …

Springfield Armory Saint

Springfield Armory made its foray into the AR market and announced its AR-15 to a short list of my colleagues within the Outdoor Sportsman Group (OSG). Shooting Times, Rifleshooter and Guns & Ammo were all represented at the secret preview on Sept. 13, 2016. The location was a remote training facility near Gillette, Wyoming, where U.S. Navy SEAL Eric Frohardt was busy training combat mindset and carbine use to six female shooting contestants from different walks of life. The winning participant would be announced as the face of Springfield’s project several weeks later, when the rest of the gun industry’s media was let in on the secret project in Las Vegas. To receive an invite to the second event, the media accepted a non-disclosure agreement — …

Turn in your Arms – the Government will take care of you

Turning in weapons worked really well for the Native Americans didn’t it? Then again, maybe not. If you have any doubts just look up Wounded Knee.

Star Parker – Standing up for Gun Rights

Three must see videos posted by gun rights activist Star Parker:

NRA-ILA – House Passes Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act

National Rifle Association of America | 11250 Waples Mill Road | Fairfax, VA 22031 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMarch 16, 2017 FOR MORE INFORMATIONNRA Public Affairs(703) 267-3820media@nrahq.org House Passes Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act Legislation Protects Due Process Rights for Veterans Fairfax, Va.— The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) applauds the House of Representatives today for passing The Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act (H.R. 1181), a bill that protects the due process rights of veterans, in a 240-175 vote. “The constitutional rights of our veterans must be strongly protected,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director, NRA-ILA. “The House vote today is a step forward in ensuring our veterans’…

NRA Applauds Senate’s Bipartisan Vote to Respect Due Process for Gun Owners

National Rifle Association of America | 11250 Waples Mill Road | Fairfax, VA 22030 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFeb. 15, 2017 FOR MORE INFORMATIONNRA Public Affairs(703) 267-3820media@nrahq.org NRA Applauds Senate’s Bipartisan Vote to Respect Due Process for Gun Owners Fairfax, Va.— The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today applauded the U.S. Senate’s passage of H.J. Res. 40, a joint resolution to revoke a final rule made by the Obama administration that would strip law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights. The resolution passed by a bipartisan vote of 57-43.”Today’s Senate vote was the next step in rolling back …

Glock Gives A Solid M’Lady To The Females

Some new commercials: The actors, voiceover, music, locations, editing… I don’t really like any of it.  The first video I legit thought was a preroll ad that YouTube was playing, and I was looking for the “skip after 3 seconds” countdown button… but then I was like Ohhhhh.  Whatever Glock is doing is obviously working though, with or without lit commercials that appeal specifically to me. I don’t know how many girls follow this blog, but if you are one do you like these ads? In the second video at 0:24 – Finger on the trigger as she’s racking the slide?  Not ideal they used that footage.  Sure there’s no magazine in the gun, but it’s not good …

Happy Birthday America!

Happy birthday to the greatest country on earth, a country where, simply being born here is like winning the worldwide lottery.America, fuck yeah!


KLEPTOMANIA – STATUS & BLING “It was in 1816 that Swiss physician André Matthey identified and defined “klopemanie,” describing it as an impulse to steal things one didn’t need. Researchers who built on his work characterized it as a form of moral insanity, and many of them believed it was a condition that only affected women. For this reason, there were attempts to link its apparent prevalence among women to their biological nature. By the time Mary Ramsbotham appeared in court, tried for theft, her legal defense was able to successfully argue that she was suffering from a bout of menopause-induced kleptomania. Ramsbotham symbolized an …

Groin Pains – Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques

Personal Defense, Where to Begin? Try Vital Point Striking

YouTube Channel for My Self Defense Blog

I would like to announce and explain about the “MySelfDefenseBlog” YouTube channel in this post. You know the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, well in this light – a video is worth ten-thousand words. I have had a youtube channel for years that I’ve used occasionally, but now after watching HEMA (historical european martial arts) videos for the last couple of years, a light bulb went off in my head – hey I can do that! In this post I will discuss the evolution of the blog to vlog on youtube while retaining the blog. Also the strengths and weaknesses of each medium and what the goals are for me as I evolve as a martial artist – dabbling…

Opinion Polls; How Accurate are they Really?

Now I know that this is not the most interesting subject but I had of dose of this in college statistics classes (3) for my undergrad and graduate degree. In business, statistics are mostly used for continuous process improvement or validating supply and product variances. But I would dare to say that the way most of us know about polling is during the political seasons. In this article I will give an overview of opinion polls and the parts that might make a difference in determining accuracy. While I am no expert, I have been exposed and understand the concepts. I will have one really …

Here I am….

Hmmm, I really thought I’d written something here since October, but apparently I haven’t, shame on me 🙂 So here I am, back again, let me tell you what has been going on since Oct., that job I was working and LOVED, well it has fizzled, turns out there isn’t enough work for 2 people in this area, although the 2 of us seemed to be doing just fine, apparently the boss’ boss doesn’t agree. I am

Good Fences, etc.

One point I’ve tried to make here in many different ways is that once we advanced past tribal organization, the optimum system for human beings is a system of nations. Individuals are too weak to defend themselves against coalitions. Tribes are too weak to defend themselves against coalitions of tribes, i. e., nations. And nations alone are powerful enough to defend their constituent individuals from empires or, perish the thought, world government, whatever it calls itself — “globalism” is popular right now.You can’t be a citizen of the world, any more than you can be everybody’s spouse. Divided loyalties aren’t loyalties at all.Stuart Schneiderman link has this to say about…

Realities of Defensive Conflicts

I have seen a couple good things recently and addressing them both at once seemed to make the most sense. The first is a post by Larry Correia “The Legalities of Shooting People”The second is security camera footage of a real life defensive shooting in Brazil a few days ago. I will talk about them in order. This is intentional because legal realities affect our tactical options. Larry Correia is not a lawyer. You should not consider his excellent post to be legal advice. I am definitely not a lawyer or in any way qualified to give legal advice. If you are making life and death decisions based on random crap you read on the …

The Recession has Restarted

Whether or not there is an outright global recession in 2016, it’s definitely starting to look a lot like not Christmas around the world. After a period of inactivity, more and more people began posting and commenting over in the_recession, so we’ve formally restarted the group. I know a lot of members here who were active and we are a sister community. Please feel free to come on by and discuss the recession or global recession 2016 with us, as well.