Break Free CLP-PS Precision Shooter

When the United States Military issued PD-48, a purchase description of properties for a single, multi-purpose product to maintain their weaponry, it became known as the “impossible specification” because of its severe requirements. The first product to meet the challenge – Break-Free CLP. Break-Free’s flagship product, CLP is a unique formulation of synthetic oils and […]

Hoppe’s 7.62mm/.308-Calibre AR Rifle Brush Multi-Pack (Chamber Brush, Chamber Mop, Bore Brush)

Multi-Pack AR style 7.62mm Dual Diameter Phosphor Bronze/Stainless Steel Chamber Brush, Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush and Cotton Swab. $ 4.99

Real Avid Gun Tool Pro – AR15

Gun Tool Pro is packed with functionality. Thirty-five highly capable tools in a tactical, rugged frame work with ease and precision to keep black guns firing reliably and accurately. From teardown and scraping carbon, to maintenance and reassembly, the Gun Tool Pro is the partner to have in the field, at the range or workbench. […]

RCBS Primer Pocket Swager Combo-2

The ROBS primer pocket swager combo-2 9481 case prep tool made by rcbs is a top of the line case prep tool. The case prep tools & accessories manufactured by rcbs make a Great addition to your Gunsmithing workshop. $ 28.79

Aeroshell 33 MS Grease Kit – 1/4oz (Specifically Sized for Gun Owners and Builders) , Best Gun Grease and AR15 Grease. MIL-G-21164D

Aeroshell 33 MS gun grease in easy-to-use quarter ounce container re-packaged by Pilots HQ. Why buy a whole tube for nearly thirty bucks when you do not need that much? You can have this handy for your next several AR15 rifle builds for a third of the price. This AR15 grease / AR-15 Grease is […]

Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit, 65 Pieces

The Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit (65 Pieces) is a professional grade cleaning kit that uses high grade components, stored in a tool box specifically built for gun cleaning. Each cleaning tool has its own fitted compartment that is named with the items name or size. This kit is designed for the traditional shooter, and it […]

RifleSupply Polymer Rail Section Kit for MOE Handguard L2 L3 L4 L5 Sizes

Rails come in L2 Size (5 Slots)L3 Size (7 Slots) L4 Size (9 Slots) L5 Size (11 Slots) 4pcs set. $ 7.99

Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

This universal gun cleaning kit is designed to work with all kinds of guns. Whether you have pistols, rifles that are caliber and larger or shotguns, you’ll have what you need to get the job done. The kit comes with phosphor bronze brushes to fit the different guns and a three-piece brass rod. There is […]

Lyman Reloading 223 Case Length/Headspace Gauge

To achieve the highest degree of safety and accuracy, Lyman recommends that all bottleneck rifle cases be inspected after resizing to ensure that the proper headspace dimension is maintained. The best way to check this critical dimension is with a Lyman case length/headspace gauge. The reloader simply inserts the case into the gauge to insure […]

Gunmaster 223/5.56 AR Rifle Cleaning Kit (17-Piece)

Dac Technologies 17pc 223/5.56 Ar Cln Kit Features: – Multi-function handle can be used w/traditional rods, pull cords and also functions as a screwdriver handle – Two piece solid brass rod •One phosphor bronze brush – One mop – One chamber brush – Pick scraper, utility brush – One plastic slot tip – 25 cleaning […]

M-4 Tool Used For Gun Cleaning & Weapon Maintenance By C.A.T.

The Combat Application Tools, Inc. C.A.T. M-4 Tool allows the operator to clean the weapon and restore the bolt and carrier group to tactical tolerance in a matter of minutes. In the field, with gloved hands, and in low light conditions if necessary. Note: The CAT M-4 tool was designed to simplify weapons maintenance in […]

A-Zoom 38 Special Precision Snap Caps (6 Pack)

For safety training, function testing or safely decoking without damaging the firing pin, A-ZOOM training rounds are much more than conventional snap-caps. They are precision CNC machined from solid aluminum to precise cartridge dimensions, then hard anodized for ultra-smooth functioning and long life. $ 11.58

DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Soft Sided Gun Care Case (68-Piece)

DAC Technologies is a leading manufacturer of affordable, high-quality gun cleaning kits, gun safety devices and other outdoor products.  The Gun Master brand of gun cleaning kits offers a wide assortment that is sure to serve the maintenance needs of even the most avid shooting enthusiast. $ 40.74

Lee Precision 300 Aac Blackout Very Limited Production 3-Die

Lee 300 AAC Blackout PaceSetter 3-Die Set. Includes Full Length Sizing Die, Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seating Die, Factory Crimp Die, Universal Shell Holder, Powder Dipper and Instructions/Load Data. $ 28.79

Real Avid The Pistol Tool

The number of tasks The Pistol Tool can handle is astounding: mounting accessories, field disassembly, adjusting laser sights, and changing grips are only a few things this tool can do. The titanium-coated implements are easily accessible with one hand and include every tool a shooter could want to service and adjust the handgun of their […]

Lee Precision 9-mm Carbide 4-Die Set Luger (Grey)

The Lee Precision 9MM Luger Pistol 4-Die Set Come With Four Dies. This Includes Carbide Full Length Die, Bullet Seating Die, Powder Thru Expanding Die, and Universal Shell Holder. This Product also Includes Powder Dipper and Instructions/Load Data. $ 38.99

Tipton Universal Bore Guide kit

The Tipton universal bore guide will help protect the bore and action of your rifle by properly aligning the cleaning rod and reducing solvent overflow. Cleaning without a bore guide can allow the rod to “bow” and rub or gouge chamber and throat of the bore causing real damage and loss of accuracy. Keeping the […]

Lee Precision Breech Lock Bushings (Silver)

The Lee Precision Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing make changing dies a snap and accomplishes the task in seconds. Once mounted on your die, you’ll never have to adjust the die again unless you want to. It saves time, eliminates guesswork and ensures the consistency of your reloaded product. This is a two pack, and […]

Mil-Comm TW25B grease 1.5 oz tapered tip tube

Its exceptional performance in adverse conditions has made this weapons lubricant the choice of the U.S. Military and its Allies. TW25B® is unparalleled in performing in extreme pressure and heavy load bearing applications. Additionally, TW25B® and its derivatives are environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and easy to apply. Finally, TW25B® and its derivatives work exceptionally well […]

Lee Precision 4 Hole Turret (Silver)

The Lee Precision 4 Hole Turret is locked into a solid steel ring with big rifle bolt type lugs. Patented design puts the lugs on the circumference so there can be no tipping. The linkage is so powerful that the largest magnum cases are sized with ease. Effort required is so small that the usual […]

Froglube CLP 8 Oz. Tub of Paste Gun Cleaner Lubricant Protectant

Froglube Paste is a cutting edge Bio-Based lubricant made from “USDA Certified Food-Grade”. All ingredients are produced in the USA using a proprietary formula. It is a non-toxic substance that dissolves carbon on contact. It has a heavy specific gravity, which enables it to ‘season’ the metal through absorption deep into the pores. Using FROGLUBE […]

UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

9mm Cal. Pistol Cleaning Kit – Includes 2-Piece Copper Cleaning Rod, 9mm Cal. Bore Brushes (Cotton Mop, Bronze, Nylon, 1PC Each), Copper Patch Loop, Black Plastic Box Packaging $ 7.46